How New Super Mario Bros U TRIGGERS You!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 1, 2018
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    New Super Mario Bros U Coin Battle Footage:
    New Super Mario Bros Mario Vs. Luigi Footage:
    Dont Touch Anything Footage:
    Jumping on Ship Footage:

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  • Mark Metcalfe

    Mark Metcalfe


    We haven’t gotten an original 2D platformer in 7 years, meaning we're halfway to the gap between World and DS



     3 days ago +1

    Super Mario triggers U

  • Carissa Morales

    Carissa Morales

     5 days ago

    I hate a wave of lava in Iggys castle I keep on dying on 2 player

  • Joel Amani Wandelt

    Joel Amani Wandelt

     6 days ago

    Stop likning and subscribe he is evil

  • Francesco ciobanu

    Francesco ciobanu

     7 days ago

    The U stands for unoriginal because look at Wii and this.

  • NintendoFan021


     7 days ago

    The secret island was actually genuinely triggering. I really was expecting something cool. But bruhh, who's idea was it to put records in there? And none of the records even make me feel accomplished... big sigh

  • Atomic Greninja

    Atomic Greninja

     7 days ago +1

    I never got Superstar, or Random when I played the game. And I completed BOTH games; Mario Bros. U and Luigi U.
    And didn't even get the Propeller or Penguin suits either...

  • lolbity


     7 days ago +1

    Mario U triggers u

  • What’s up Fam

    What’s up Fam

     7 days ago

    Its triggering when you CANT BE OTHER CHARACTERS!!!!

  • Kristupas Paldavicius

    Kristupas Paldavicius

     7 days ago

    Does this leads to a star coin he has all 3 star coins from before



     7 days ago

    Its my fav. Game

  • Jamie


     14 days ago

    You’re so fuckin cool

  • Owenplay Flame

    Owenplay Flame

     14 days ago

    Mute music islands

  • Donghoon 2

    Donghoon 2

     14 days ago

    Bah bah bah bah abh

  • Vashie Tru

    Vashie Tru

     14 days ago

    But Nathan, the bahs make the games great!

  • Paul Nakdi

    Paul Nakdi

     14 days ago +1

    Mario doesn't give two bleeps that he is falling to his death I laughed so hard when he said that at it happens at 2:43

  • Andrea Schreindl

    Andrea Schreindl

     14 days ago +1


  • Olivia Oh

    Olivia Oh

     14 days ago

    ba Ba BA!!

  • GR8GUYISHERE Pictures

    GR8GUYISHERE Pictures

     14 days ago


  • riahi med

    riahi med

     21 days ago +1

    Bah Bah bah is really getting old