How To Grow Guacamole



  • Justin Y.

    Justin Y.

     a years ago +1132

    Lemme just grow an avocado tree real quick

  • Flannel Guy DIY

    Flannel Guy DIY

     a years ago +394

    Yeah I have a tortilla chip tree growing right next to my guacamole tree

  • Natalie Alfera

    Natalie Alfera

     a years ago +636

    If I ever find bacon in my guacamole someone is catching these hands

  • Jorge Gomez

    Jorge Gomez

     a years ago +250

    You just plant a guacamole seed, duh.

  • clownlux


     a years ago +282

    How to "grow" guacamole
    How do you grow guacamole. ..

  • K


     a years ago +646

    Ya lost me after the classic guacamole

  • Reeta Tassberg

    Reeta Tassberg

     a years ago +574

    But how do you grow bacon 🤔

  • Sai


     a years ago +22

    the fact that they didn't even mash all the avocado completely was so IRRITATING!!!!

  • Gamer Shovik

    Gamer Shovik

     a years ago +93

    That avocado is going to take 5 years to grow, and I aint got time for that!

  • Valli Weidemann

    Valli Weidemann

     a years ago +61

    What they forgot to tell you is that it's gonna be about 20 years before you see any avocados from that tree

  • Evaaa


     a years ago +89

    Good to know that Guacamole grows on a tree

  • JasmineTJB


     a years ago +38

    I planted all the seeds and now I have to wait 5-10 years for the avocado tree to fruit

  • Tim Evans

    Tim Evans

     a years ago +286

    You don't "grow" guacamole you buffoons - you grow the ingredients to MAKE guacamole.

  • Monbebean


     a years ago +48

    I didn't know you could grow guacamole

  • Daaraofthegesert


     a years ago +6

    I live in Texas and I denounce that “Tex-Mex” guacamole

  • Avocado Sauce

    Avocado Sauce

     a years ago +287


  • han aak

    han aak

     a years ago +5

    Yeah, I GROW guacamole, they come in little mason jars too

  • Maverick Baking

    Maverick Baking

     a years ago +40

    Came for the guac, stayed for the music.

  • Michelle Dai

    Michelle Dai

     a years ago +64

    Came for the guacamole, not for the early comment pride.

  • AAA Batteries

    AAA Batteries

     a years ago +32

    With guacamole trees