Solar cooking salmon with the sun and citrus salsa parabolic mirror off grid cooking

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  • Published on:  Saturday, September 2, 2017
  • Solar cooking with Denise using a parabolic mirror to concentrate sunlight to a cast iron skillet. Also included is a homemade salsa from fruit.
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  • MeesterVegas


     4 months ago

    Love that salsa recipe, gonna try it with some fish I catch down here in Texas.

  • Gailliez Charles

    Gailliez Charles

     4 months ago

    Solar cooking chef Denise!!! GREENPOWERFEAST!!!

  • Stephen Strange

    Stephen Strange

     a years ago

    What is that suspending the rack above the mirror?
    How do we know how far from the mirror to place our racks?

  • Ray Anthony Brady

    Ray Anthony Brady

     a years ago

    Love birds love birds! Sweet couple!! Watch out for ants guys!

  • Ray Anthony Brady

    Ray Anthony Brady

     a years ago

    Denise! You are perfect! Just do whatever you do!awesome couple!stay strong! Wish you all the best!

  • Ray Anthony Brady

    Ray Anthony Brady

     a years ago


  • mendebil


     a years ago

    i love your accent

  • Jun0


     a years ago

    the salmon isn't the only thing that's thick 😏😏

  • MrTallocks


     a years ago

    Why is the heat not hot enough to burn the pot? In one of your previous videos it burned metal.

  • Mike Dunn

    Mike Dunn

     a years ago

    How do you keep the sun on the pan while cooking if the mirror is just sitting flat below the grill?

  • Don 351w

    Don 351w

     a years ago

    I had to really look to find out if you guys had any new post, been wondering

  • Bill Rayvan

    Bill Rayvan

     a years ago

    Great job folks

  • jawad gakhar

    jawad gakhar

     a years ago




     a years ago

    She got asthma

  • Kapui H

    Kapui H

     a years ago +1

    Her .." So I had a 1lb Salmon so y cut it in two pieces to get two pieces to have two 1/2 lb Salmon pieces."...


  • Dr. Banter

    Dr. Banter

     2 years ago

    Thank you for sharing. Great work guys.

  • thundersnowstorm


     2 years ago

    Love this diy solar stove. :)

  • Travion Bell

    Travion Bell

     2 years ago

    Lol dan ate the food and bounced this was cool. I was lookin up how to condense liquids

  • William Wynn

    William Wynn

     2 years ago

    That was really cool ! Not sure where you are getting the oranges limes and lemon's. No matter where or what time of the year I get them they are never as juicy as the ones you guys have.
    When Dan come out with the towel and cap on, On this small screen my first thought was who is the Arab. lol. You guys make some great videos. I don't care for fish but that did look good.

  • Fransisco Wijaya

    Fransisco Wijaya

     2 years ago

    I'm aware that Denise would catch a skin cancer due unprotected skin area from UV radiation.