He Trash Talked on Mic, So I Schooled Him With Whis | Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

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  • Published on:  Sunday, October 6, 2019
  • He talked trash on mic, so I schooled him with Whis in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. They never learn

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/fcLgBGA1h3M


  • Burcol


     2 months ago +371

    Probably the worse Xenoverse 2 player I've EVER battled.

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  • IsaiasSoldier2


     3 days ago

    Honestly whats the point of these people challenging you. They all think theyre gods but they obviously suck ass. Every single one of them. Why bother

  • AncientDennis


     5 days ago +1

    fallingcray-abed? More like failingcry-ibet.

  • Shadow Slider

    Shadow Slider

     5 days ago

    Has anyone realized that SSJ 4 gogeata looks like SSJ god

  • Majd Khayyal

    Majd Khayyal

     6 days ago

    Even I can beat him up en that dragon ball zoneverse 2

  • Majd Khayyal

    Majd Khayyal

     6 days ago

    Even I can beat him up in that dragon ball zoneverse 2

  • לנסלוט אלנברג

    לנסלוט אלנברג

     6 days ago

    How do I get mods for my xenoverse2

  • LONGshot 12005

    LONGshot 12005

     7 days ago

    At this point burcol, why do you even bother questioning what preset the ssb goku is gonna be? We all know the answer

  • chase johnson

    chase johnson

     7 days ago

    I WiLl bEat yOu rIGhT NoW* in distortion

    Lmao i love you

  • Kaizo rem's

    Kaizo rem's

     7 days ago

    Wait... is that the twomad voice????

  • Elite GamingWolf

    Elite GamingWolf

     7 days ago

    i think i might buy this game someday i always liked dragonball super, it was the first and only dragonball series i watched

  • mustang lozano

    mustang lozano

     7 days ago

    Burcol are u going to get Dragon Ball Z Kakarot game and if you do for what console Xbox One PlayStation

  • Noau05


     7 days ago +1

    Burcol annoys me

  • Reni


     7 days ago +3

    I would love to see a trash talker that acually has some sort of skill to back it up
    Even just a little

  • Internal Warfare

    Internal Warfare

     7 days ago

    Burcol is like Gordon Ramsey against these trash talkers.

  • Suret Artan

    Suret Artan

     14 days ago

    0:07 lol he laughed so hard to your opponent not to get cocky

  • xXMLG_ LP

    xXMLG_ LP

     14 days ago

    Why you so good?

  • David Larkin

    David Larkin

     14 days ago

    I suck at this game but even I know I could beat him.

  • Yan Chen

    Yan Chen

     14 days ago

    I really like ur vids!

  • James Games

    James Games

     21 days ago

    Yuh I think the trash talker is one of my friends