Direct Lightning Strike Tampa Florida Close Lightning

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 2, 2016
  • This direct lightning strike hit about 10 feet away from the camera. The current destroyed every thing linked to the wires including security cameras, a large flatscreen TV, landline telephones and the power converters. About $1,000 worth of stuff. The camera was on a tripod on our porch and we were safely inside about 15 feet from the strike. All our dogs were inside. Anytime a storm approaches we make sure all pets are inside and unplug computers etc. This is the 6th time we have been hit in 17 years.
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  • Se Bakker

    Se Bakker

     10 months ago

    Wow amazing video honey😚

  • LocuYT Canal De Gameplays

    LocuYT Canal De Gameplays

     2 years ago

    wow it's. scary ... and intesesant storm

  • Eto Hige Gamer Culture

    Eto Hige Gamer Culture

     3 years ago +1

    Cool I used to live in Tampa but moved just north to hernado its pretty nice

  • takkikayo


     3 years ago

    if you got solar panels are those also broken? if so, is it repairable? what are the best thing to do to avoid lightning strike?

  • James Zawacki

    James Zawacki

     3 years ago +1

    Scary stuff, I had a lighting strike hit a transformer about 40 feet from my house, came in over wires and blew a bunch of stuff.. Even burned out 4 ports on my network switch. 6 times in 17 years seems like a lot, maybe you should post a video on how to install a lightening rod?

  • 101AOK


     3 years ago

    WOW... I like the frame that was daylight. That can blow your ears out.

  • galamonkey


     3 years ago

    The Lightning we have been having out here the past couple days is crazy!

  • EsamoKoram


     3 years ago +2

    I have experienced lightning so close that my hands automatically blocked the ears with tremendous force after seeing the light and that was actually fast enough. I was surprised to experience so complex instinct built up in the body.

  • CarlosRP Evertsz

    CarlosRP Evertsz

     3 years ago


  • Zac Reith

    Zac Reith

     3 years ago

    Im in Tampa, that was an interesting storm.

  • keeperofthegood


     3 years ago

    I love lightning the way I love lions. With both respect and a respectable distance. And even then, I know that lightning can travel far farther than what anyone would expect. There are always a few memories that come to mind when people talk about how lightning damaged this or that. There was a person found dead in his home. Electrocuted. Took the investigators a while to work out that the lightning hit his tv tower and moved out of the tv through him. He was ten feet from his tv at the time. Another person who lived on a bus rout I used to take was similarly electrocuted only the lightning travelled down the inside of a wet chimney, that home took nearly two years of yellow tape before they had the chimney and wall rebuilt as the lightning blew those open as well.

  • Hornblende1


     3 years ago

    Man I'm in Florida too and I just got that storm recently, crazy lightning

  • BeyondTheRedLine


     3 years ago

    If you live in an area where you can, I'd suggest setting up a lightning rod away from your grid.

  • Joseph Vella-Zarb

    Joseph Vella-Zarb

     3 years ago +2

    Makes me appreciate my location - a small sunny island right in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. :) I'm glad you and your family, including the dogs, are o.k. God bless you.

  • Neurosis


     3 years ago

    Glad you were all indoors safe. Sad events in Europe past week with people dying and being injured from lighting strikes (don't hide under trees!).
    On a more hopeful note; be great if one day in (electrical storm prone areas) new tech could harness all that energy and convert it into usable power in the electrical grid.

  • squirrelbong A

    squirrelbong A

     3 years ago

    Somewhere out there someone just got their superpowers.

  • gilbet


     3 years ago

    They say to count the seconds between the lightening and thunder and divide by five to determine how many miles away it is. So, if that was less than a tenth of a second, then it was less than 1/50th of a mile, which means the lightening was less than 100 feet away.
    Wow, I bet that was loud. Did you feel the static in the air right before it hit? I guess even if you have one window open to let the air in, the house isn't grounded well enough to provide enough of a connection to the ground to build up a potential.

  • nomadic Hobos

    nomadic Hobos

     3 years ago

    right on top of ya wow

  • Sylvan Energy Solutions

    Sylvan Energy Solutions

     3 years ago

    makes your hair stand up doesn't it

  • Mitch Spacone

    Mitch Spacone

     3 years ago

    Wow, awesome!