10 Straight Minutes Of Cake Decorating

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 21, 2018
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  • Sapphirebow


     a years ago +277

    How to recycle content 101

  • Christina Uka

    Christina Uka

     a years ago +357

    So your other video but without words

  • IDKhow but I Panic!

    IDKhow but I Panic!

     a years ago +414

    tasty needs new content shhhh don’t tell anyone

  • Jade Grant

    Jade Grant

     a years ago +121

    So basically all of your other cake videos without measurements.

  • ᖙαиιɛƖ ツシ

    ᖙαиιɛƖ ツシ

     a years ago +209

    The The Ultimate Cake Decorating Tips And Tricks
    The The

  • Justin Y.

    Justin Y.

     a years ago +568

    The the

  • S Pandit

    S Pandit

     a years ago +97

    “The the”- when Tasty’s too busy copying Bon Appétit to proofread

  • Space Cat

    Space Cat

     a years ago +46

    Music is way too repetetive

  • Gabby Omega

    Gabby Omega

     a years ago +308

    I can't decorate if I can't bake the cake 😭
    eh I'll learn eventually

  • Terri Myrick

    Terri Myrick

     a years ago +30

    Don't ever let this person near a pastry bag again!😠

  • B.K farhan

    B.K farhan

     a years ago +13

    The sloppest work I've seen done on tasty

  • RedVelvetz


     a years ago +26

    Just another excuse to use old videos for a new one. NOT OKAY

  • ugh.


     a years ago +75

    this video seems familiar.

  • Olamide Daramola

    Olamide Daramola

     a years ago +24

    Brought back the cow unicorn

  • Hajira S.

    Hajira S.

     a years ago +116

    They're all so pretty! 🤩 but bleh, I wouldn't be able to stomach taking a mouthful of frosting like that. Or fondant, for that matter.

  • King Monchichi

    King Monchichi

     a years ago +10

    I feel like this as supposed to have talking in it,but it doesn't and it feels weird

  • IAmWolfee


     a years ago +6

    I don't want a cow cake lol
    Oops that's a unicorn

  • Wingus


     a years ago +8

    Would you like some cake to go along with all that frosting?

  • Tracy Ly

    Tracy Ly

     a years ago +42

    Edit: lol the title is “The The...”

  • M G Coulter

    M G Coulter

     a years ago +5

    Just with no words...