Jodie Foster Has Never Spoken To Anthony Hopkins - The Graham Norton Show



  • A man has no name

    A man has no name

     2 years ago +1303

    I never spoke to anthony Hopkins either. FYI.

  • Erica Y

    Erica Y

     2 months ago +405

    I actually met Anthony Hopkins at a hotel right before silence of the lambs came out and I talked to him about the movie. He is a very nice humble smart man.

  • Great Man

    Great Man

     3 months ago +189

    It woulda been great if they had a surprise appearance of Anthony Hopkins and he pops up behind the couch whispering "Hello Clarice" seeing how Jodie Foster would react.

  • Selesnya Conclave

    Selesnya Conclave

     2 months ago +191

    Many years ago, two of my colleagues got stoned and watched 'Silence of the Lambs' for the first time, while staying at a hotel. After the film, the munchies set it; they went to the elevator; the doors opened; there stood Anthony Hopkins. My boss had to step in to try to calm her screaming employees. She was pissing herself laughing.
    True story.

  • Javier Arvelo-Cruz-Santana

    Javier Arvelo-Cruz-Santana

     2 months ago +160

    This woman has been acting for over 50 years!!! God bless her stamina.
    P.S. Not just acting, but also producing and directing. WOW!

  • Alejandra Rodriguez

    Alejandra Rodriguez

     3 years ago +3198

    Jodie looks so great just because she is getting older NATURALLY! so you can see her beauty from every angle.

  • Ernesto Vaffan-Kulo 93

    Ernesto Vaffan-Kulo 93

     3 months ago +60

    She surely is an awesome actress, but let's try to remember how strong and fierce she is : as a very young teen after Taxi Driver, she was stalked during years by the same man who later tried to kill Ronald Reagan, John Hinckley Junior. She overcame that. She graduated from Yale, and just kept doing her thang in Hollywood, winning two Oscars on the way to the top. Awesome Jodie !

  • Sandy Mack

    Sandy Mack

     3 months ago +6

    To be fair..Hopkins is renowned for doing impressions at the drop of a hat..Richard Burton...Tommy Cooper
    If he started that carry on between takes like he's on a chat show...I'd blank him..That's probably what happened ...♥️

  • Wong Sifu

    Wong Sifu

     2 days ago +1

    Damn Jodie is such a beauty and she's fluent in French, a big + for me

  • Chris B81

    Chris B81

     3 months ago +40

    You know what would be cool, if Anthony Hopkins gave Jodie Foster a call after seeing this.

  • Greetings From Stevieland

    Greetings From Stevieland

     2 months ago +72

    Silence Of The Lambs, one of the few movies that lived up to the book



     2 years ago +23


  • Michael Pflug

    Michael Pflug

     6 months ago +2

    Easily among the great thrillers of my lifetime, right there with Seven as my personal favorites. Jodie Foster to my knowledge has never made a bad movie.

  • Michael Gibb

    Michael Gibb

     a years ago +31

    And they both won acting Oscars for the movie. Which along with the Oscars Silence of the Lambs won for Best Picture, Best Director, and Adapted Screenplay, makes it one of only three movies to win the top 5 Oscar categories. A testament to how great a film it really is.

  • krishna praveen

    krishna praveen

     3 years ago +2425


  • Caz


     2 months ago +61

    Ok Youtube I watched this.happy now!

  • A Cup Of Tea & A Slice Of Ee

    A Cup Of Tea & A Slice Of Ee

     a years ago +2

    Just shows the depth of Anthony Hopkins' acting. He must be scary and intimidating to act alongside anyway, let alone him portraying a serial killer.
    The fact that even the amazingly gifted, natural talented and very experienced Jodie Foster felt this and was actually too scared to talk to him, even off set it seems, speaks volumes of the level of this mans acting.

  • TvGunslingeRvT


     2 months ago +38

    Such a shame she didn't come back for "Hannibal".

  • msoviet409


     2 years ago +3

    I admire such a character as Jodie Foster's. Speak out your mind, honestly, and move on. She is a rare breed that deserves great respect.

  • ghostcar


     2 years ago +1346

    I met her. Just after Contact. But I hadn't seen it yet. Anyway she was wearing sunglasses, she's a short little woman. I said oh - I know who you are and she put her finger up to her lips, gave a tiny shhh. I thanked her for all the great movies. She smiled and said you're welcome and told me about Contact. She was very sincere. A nice movie star.