How to grow potatoes in a large barrel

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  • Published on:  Saturday, May 26, 2018
  • Learn to grow potatoes in barrels and produce an amazing crop of tasty potatoes. Garry will demonstrate how to set up a deep watering system to produce huge potatoes in Zone 5 Ottawa, Canada.
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  • Pura Vida’ Rick

    Pura Vida’ Rick

     7 hours ago

    Newbie questions here...1) How do you know when they are “done” ? ...2) IF you don’t harvest them, will they rot , continue to multiply , or ? 3) Are there varieties that just make more “seed” potatoes vs. buying the seeders every year ? Thanks !

  • Stephen Laurie

    Stephen Laurie

     yesterday +1

    How did your Yukon Golds do in the large barrel?

  • Mark Shaw

    Mark Shaw

     2 days ago +1

    Should have mentioned about drilling holes at the bottom to prevent waterlogging when it rains too much.

  • Russ Townsend

    Russ Townsend

     4 days ago

    What's with the ear potatoes scream when you bury them?

  • dav1099


     5 days ago

    looks pretty interesting, what happens when there is an unusual amount of rain ? What keeps the plants from drowning ? thanks for posting👍👍

  • Alexsandra Rokas

    Alexsandra Rokas

     6 days ago

    Toxins from the plastic leaches into the potatoes. I have BPA free buckets, but I still refuse to grow food in it. Wood crates are best because they are more porous and can respirate gases. Make sure the wood is untreated, i.e., no formaldehyde’s or any other added chemical.

  • Cruise For Life

    Cruise For Life

     7 days ago

    I didn't notice any drainage holes in the tub ?

  • Cedric Serpes

    Cedric Serpes

     14 days ago

    great video Garry.

  • Joe Morello

    Joe Morello

     14 days ago

    Cool video! 🇨🇦😊

  • psylite1


     21 days ago

    Noticed there are no drainage holes? Fine in dry weather, but what happens in a downpour?

  • Wayne Lynch

    Wayne Lynch

     21 days ago

    Great idea Garry. Checked Lowes website and did not see any 27 gallon barrels. Curious about the price. I guess you get 2 barrels after cutting in half? Is there a Pt 2 that shows the plants and harvest? Wonder if the wires to stabilize the feed pipe are really needed? If you carefully put soil in, wont it support the pipe or is the soil loose and does not support well?
    I have had great results growing okra in an old standard size damaged galvanized washtub that had holes in it. Was thinking of growing squash & cukes in some sort of container since my soil is filled with Vine Borers. Curious if 1 to 2 plants draped over the side will be able spread out or be stunted?

  • M Henhawke

    M Henhawke

     28 days ago

    Garry: Great video. From one Canuck to another can i do this in a 5 gallon pail?. I dont have much room, as i live in an apartment, also can i do it indoors and can i do it all year round?. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for sharing, stay safe and keep on planting. Mark. Cambridge ont.

  • MrSqwertery


     28 days ago +1

    Hi Gary, I was only having a bit of fun, I love potatoes ..
    I'll be trying to grow some next spring ..
    I came here to get some expert advice..
    I'll let you know how I get on..
    Love from Scotland..

  • Earl Schultz

    Earl Schultz

     28 days ago

    Great idea! Why do you trim the chits back when planting if that's where the potatoes will form? thanks!

  • MrSqwertery


     a months ago +1

    I don't know why I'm watching this . I hate potatoes ,

  • Peter Feltham

    Peter Feltham

     a months ago +1

    Very informative,I'll give this a try.

  • ODSP TinyHomes

    ODSP TinyHomes

     a months ago

    How often do you water them etc and do you pour a pitcher of water ... a glass of water on the soil and in the tube? Can you explain the process? Thanks so much.. I would be doing this entirely indoors if possible

  • Doug Mac

    Doug Mac

     a months ago

    Thanks for the video. What about drainage? Should you put drain wholes so when it rains it doesn’t get flooded?

  • Pedro Nferba

    Pedro Nferba

     a months ago +1

    Nice work and thank you 👍 👏

  • Troy Lively

    Troy Lively

     a months ago

    Tried this method in Texas and got 1 potato. Don't know what I did wrong other than using an entire barrel instead of a 1/2 barrel. They got plenty of water and sun and they made plenty of greenery, just no potatoes. I'll try again this season.