The Break with Michelle Wolf | Unhinged 2018 | Netflix

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 29, 2018
  • Michelle Wolf pointedly responds to the Republican National Committee video and being labeled as “unhinged”

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    The Break with Michelle Wolf | Unhinged 2018 | Netflix
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  • Don Taylor

    Don Taylor

     5 months ago

    "Trump's the chihuahua." Makes sense - you could feed a chihuahua McDonald's indefinitely and no matter how obese it got it would still have tiny little paws.

  • Penzalza Ink

    Penzalza Ink

     a years ago

    HEY NETFLIX! Could you put up the one where Michelle talks about Weinstein and the punchline is "Whatcha talkin about Harvey? I'm sure... was always frowned upon?"

  • D Milan

    D Milan

     a years ago

    Fired via twitter LOL

  • Charles S

    Charles S

     a years ago

    Get woke, go broke! Lmao

  • harlon57


     a years ago

    Dirtbag cancelled at three months...finally something about her show that's funny!

  • Marcus Ranum

    Marcus Ranum

     a years ago

    You can check my netflix subscription and see I cancelled it just now.

  • Not Again

    Not Again

     a years ago

    Show cancelled! Stock is tanking! Karma for these anti-American hating pieces of crap.

  • Joe Berg

    Joe Berg

     a years ago +1

    I have some sympathy for anyone who was a fan and is bummed out by the cancellation, that always sucks. But to me Wolf's problem was that she was a master of "clapter" - not laughter at a funny observation or contrast, but instead a laughter of knowing she's on the same ideological side as you. Even the comments defending her here aren't "she's really witty" or "she's hilarious," it's about owning the Republicans and how people who dislike her are deficient in some way. Even Jon Stewart is in heyday was always about comedy first, and his own visible politics second.

    There's some value in owning your ideological opponents,'s not the same thing as comedy.

  • deernutOO


     a years ago

    I thought referring to blacks as pieces of coal was not PC.. way back a long, long time ago.

  • deernutOO


     a years ago +1

    That is a scary POS. Good for Netflix for the cancellation of this trash.

  • Gabi Vogt

    Gabi Vogt

     a years ago +1

    Michelle Wolf is amazing! It is so funny to read all the hate comments of guys. Of course, those little nerds hate her. She is too loud for your tiny ears and mini minds, isnt she?

  • Anderson Camelot

    Anderson Camelot

     a years ago

    Tendi nada.No speake english kkkk

  • New Message

    New Message

     a years ago +1

    Maybe not such a great idea to name yourself after a state most often reserved to describe psychotics in mid shootout.

  • Astto


     a years ago +1

    What the fuck was that shit I just watched? She isn't a Comedian, you need be to funny to be a Comedian! My god, her fucking voice. It's like listening to a fucking cat dragging it's nails down a chalk board.

  • Jerry VanNuys

    Jerry VanNuys

     a years ago +1

    I love how these Nazi hypocrites who LOVED Roseanne, can't seem to stand Michelle's voice.
    Somehow, I truly doubt it has much to do with her timber, tone, or accent.

  • quasi tonto

    quasi tonto

     a years ago

    she got shoe game

  • EndSpire Cuts

    EndSpire Cuts

     a years ago

    How does one "clip" subscribe?! Whatever that is count me in for a baker's dozen! 😂 #clipsubscribelikeamotherlover.

  • witchmom davis

    witchmom davis

     a years ago

    She's not even funny why is this trash on Netflix

  • Donald Trump

    Donald Trump

     a years ago

    She's a sad "person".

  • Jeff Johnson

    Jeff Johnson

     a years ago

    Where is the humor? There is nothing here to laugh at.