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  • Published on:  Monday, September 24, 2012
  • In this video I go out to my local shooting range and pick up some lead from the back stop. Once I get the lead home I show you the process that I use to make that lead into ingots. Ingots is an excellent way to store your lead. It also makes the lead easy to put into the furnace when your bullet casting because of the small size of the bars. Enjoy!
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  • blatrug


     a years ago +2285

    Guys, take a deep breathe, [bad pun]. I ran a lead type foundry for 15 years, in a small 1,000 foot warehouse. My casters ran 8 hours a day but not every day and I got my blood checked every year for lead levels. There was never any itty bit of lead in my system. My lead was kept at a constant 700 degrees when casting. Here is the thing: do not BOIL lead, that will certainly ruin your health. And be very careful with the oxides [the whitish powdery stuff] which can be left behind when smelting lead. For this you should wear gloves and a mask when cleaning up the slag and leftovers. Don't eat after you have handled lead: wash your hands well first. Use common sense.

  • Running with Scissors

    Running with Scissors

     51 minutes ago

    Had no idea you could do this at home. Fascinating. Also very thorough ad detailed ~ a great teaching video.

  • Lit Monk

    Lit Monk

     2 hours ago

    Washes dirty lead bullets in kitchen sink. Promptly washes dishes in it afterwards.

  • Elijah Slaven

    Elijah Slaven

     9 hours ago

    i just eat my lead with the dirt

  • Kira Did Nothing Wrong

    Kira Did Nothing Wrong

     12 hours ago

    This video is almost an hour long felt like 20 min.....

  • Kira Did Nothing Wrong

    Kira Did Nothing Wrong

     12 hours ago

    Boi need a bigger spoon

  • Trumps Bloody Asshole

    Trumps Bloody Asshole

     12 hours ago

    Just has to throw in got this strainer down at my local walmart fuck walmart

  • Justin Lambert outdoors

    Justin Lambert outdoors

     13 hours ago

    Led is a according to the state of California is known to cause cancer and birth defects

  • Will Carter

    Will Carter

     15 hours ago +1

    Sir, I just want to ask and I don't mean any disrespect, but are you single? If i tried to do that in my kitchen sink, i'd be a victim of my own recaptured lead...

  • tre bushett

    tre bushett

     18 hours ago +1

    A drop of butter, salt and pepper - delicious !

  • Alexander Mester

    Alexander Mester

     20 hours ago

    Use your spoon kids!

  • TheProspectormike


     23 hours ago

    Lead here in canada cost 0.60 cents per pound so just 1 extra hour at work at 15 $ hour would be equal to 25 pound of lead so doing it in 3 hours and washing lead water in to the septic system and air might not be best way

  • jmm1233



    you properly spent more on gas than got back from a processed sell of lead

  • tom a hawk

    tom a hawk


    Why waste the time and water to wash the lead? the dirt will float in the molten lead and you wont risk cuts and lead in the public water system. the lead will melt faster if you get a puddle of molten lead started then add to it. To reduce the amount of dross add rosin to the mixture and it will reduce the oxidation of the surface exposed to the air

  • Pieter Kock

    Pieter Kock


    well, like for do this kind of sort of some! , like the liquid metal

  • Elias



    Make a disclaimer in these videos saying: do as I say, not as I do. You literally do everything opposite of what you say lmao

  • M7AMD



    how much lead do bullet take?

  • Thatoneguy overthere

    Thatoneguy overthere

     2 days ago +3

    Why not smelt the copper into ingots? The king of random shows how to make a metal foundry for cheap.

  • Greenville Observer

    Greenville Observer

     2 days ago +1

    You could just use a bucket with a bunch of holes in the bottom (or a colander) to rinse the lead rather than that painful process I just watched

  • NUCLEAR furry

    NUCLEAR furry

     2 days ago +1

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