Vidcon fun times wow so fun excitement 10/10 would vidcon again

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 29, 2016
  • recording on this camera made my voice sound annoying i'm sorry
    also the video's kinda long (i tried to make it as short as possible) so I added a bunch of dumb edits that i hope keep you entertained lol

    Thanks to Tony, James, Alex, Den, Dom, Jomm, Leigh, Rebecca, Cade, Soy, Tiffany, Red, all my friends, and everyone else I finally was able to meet~ You all made this trip the best experience I could've ever asked for. And I'm still in shock about how many people we met and ran into this trip! I wasn't expecting anyone to want to see us, but signing for more than 2 hours all together and running into so many followers just walking around really put things into perspective.. I'm so happy that people are enjoying the videos we make, and it makes me happy to know people really care about us :) Thank you
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    And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D I really appreciate everyone who I met at VidCon, you're the best!! And hope to see anyone else who couldn't make it next year!!
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  • SmithTheBlockHead


     20 hours ago


  • Wazaraku



    I'm here 3 years later and after watching the face reveal video... yeah tbh I wont watch the video just reading the comments... hope Jaiden is doing better nowadays :)

  • GD Qwertyboi

    GD Qwertyboi


    Ngl she's so humble about it all

  • Mr. Onion

    Mr. Onion



  • Lunasa Moon

    Lunasa Moon


    1:23 "Because I'm not worthy of it"
    Well that's different when you put it into the perspective now

  • XxAurora xX

    XxAurora xX

     2 days ago


  • Springtrap_from_fnaf


     2 days ago

    What if vidcon did not allow recording XD that would be so stupid

  • Zen Universe

    Zen Universe

     2 days ago


  • hallo_immax


     3 days ago

    Jaiden:that’s for u guys I already ate
    Me (knowing about Jaiden having anorexia at that time):-tears up-

  • Mykal Boyce

    Mykal Boyce

     3 days ago

    Jaiden pls eat

  • Lionblaze's Channel

    Lionblaze's Channel

     3 days ago

    looking at that title is actually kind of sad. considering that jaiden was going through the worst part of her life, it must have been painful to even go. you can sort of hear it in her voice at the start, and at the end as well. even in the description, it seemed different from the usual. for jaiden, and for everyone with those sort of problems, even looking at someone else being happy is painful. i've been a victim of some hard times and have encountered times where i'd just hear people suddenly explode into tears. people i know have tried to commit suicide. it's hard to go through mental disorders, and to people who have them, it's so bad that they sometimes can't even breathe. jaiden's video quality is impressive, especially knowing what went on in her life at this time. thank you to jaiden, and hang in there to everyone.

  • Sans


     4 days ago

    The fact throughout this whole video, she was at her worst and felt like she didn’t deserve this, it fricken breaks my heart. She deserves every little thing, she deserves to be happy because she makes us happy.

  • Estefania Barraza

    Estefania Barraza

     4 days ago +1

    You can tell what she was going Through “James has my hat I’m not worthy of it” and “James deserves my hat more than me”



     5 days ago

    James missed anthony what a failure

  • Alex Reyes

    Alex Reyes

     5 days ago +1

    Now knowing what she was going through man, jaiden I hope you get better

  • Liamna Pestana

    Liamna Pestana

     5 days ago

    When I saw domic I saw like
    WHAT DOM!?

  • Gadiel Shark Plays Roblox

    Gadiel Shark Plays Roblox

     5 days ago

    Oh my god so much oh my gods

  • Coopers Not a bird

    Coopers Not a bird

     6 days ago +1

    What even happened to tony

  • Random Person

    Random Person

     7 days ago +1

    Mark and Jack having a date


  • Almas Saif

    Almas Saif

     7 days ago +1

    You Really Need To Bring Ari (If You Can) The Next Time You Go To VidCon