Game Theory: FNAF, The Cult of Glitchtrap (FNAF VR Curse of Dreadbear DLC)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, November 16, 2019
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    Welcome back to Five Nights at Freddy's, where today we are diving into the successor of William Afton - or rather his cult. The Cult of Glitchtrap. You see, with the release of the FNAF VR: Help Wanted DLC, Curse of Dreadbear, we were introduced to what looks to be our new big bad of the series moving forward. If you missed it in your playthrough, don't worry. I've gathered all the clues and easter eggs to give us a clear picture of the future of FNAF.

    Reluctant Follower mask render by Scrappy_God on Reddit

    Glitchtrap render by EliteRobo ►  

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    Writers: Matthew Patrick
    Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Tyler Mascola
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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  • Ruby [Navy]

    Ruby [Navy]

     28 days ago +17994

    Matpat: “Raises money for cancer”

    Everyone liked that!

  • Madara uchiha

    Madara uchiha

     11 minutes ago

    What iff.... the woman is tape girl

  • A roblox cheez-it

    A roblox cheez-it

     38 minutes ago

    4:54 I’m too poor ;(

  • Industructible 9

    Industructible 9

     39 minutes ago

    MatPat: makes a game theory

    Scott: New Game Idea!

  • Bangali TV

    Bangali TV

     40 minutes ago


  • Ezra Is Loser

    Ezra Is Loser

     an hour ago

    The actual intro for the theory gave me a heart attack

  • Mineverse Robloxlifeforever

    Mineverse Robloxlifeforever

     6 hours ago

    Wait I know that it's for another video the kid who posses golden Freddy is called Cassidy and he/she got murdered and his/she seventh birthday and in FNAF VR a kid got murdered on his/she seventh birthday but it's hard to confirm that theory because in FNAF VR we are on stage at the end of the game. Well that's a theory A GAME THEORY 😂😂😂😂😂 I hope you read this comment👍

  • Proc of the Dawn

    Proc of the Dawn

     9 hours ago

    Wait, in Corn Maze you collect four keys to get one more key? That sounds like another “4 things make 1 thing” story to me, like from Pizzeria Simulator.

  • Riley Scott

    Riley Scott

     9 hours ago

    the reluctant follower is tape girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????

  • Grim And stuff :p

    Grim And stuff :p

     10 hours ago

  • Grim And stuff :p

    Grim And stuff :p

     10 hours ago

  • christmas fuel at Javis

    christmas fuel at Javis

     13 hours ago

    I wonder what golden Freddy has to say about this

  • Eda Hysen

    Eda Hysen

     14 hours ago

    I’m sorry you lost your chainsaw/flamethrower when freddy fazbears burnt down

  • Michael Daniel

    Michael Daniel

     15 hours ago

    Didn't know you did charity for mental health. Thank you!!

  • Kane Butt

    Kane Butt

     16 hours ago

    Aug 19 me b day

  • Megan Benz

    Megan Benz

     16 hours ago

    Wait what if Charlie is Tape Girl and Another AI trying to warn us about Vanessa and glitch trap?

  • Nessie Hamilton

    Nessie Hamilton

     16 hours ago

    My name is Vanessa!!!!

  • Cristonimus


     18 hours ago

    Spinel: Oh, that's right I heard that story 20:14

  • CactusGhost


     20 hours ago

    I have a theory that might connect Fnaf ar and Fnaf vr. You know how in between animatronic encounters we collect remnant? What if who we are playing as in Fnaf ar that is the woman who speaks to Glitchtrap/Malhare in Fnaf vr? I mean it‘s a strange mechanic. We collect remnant and give it to animatronics to calm them down. And as matpat says: Scott doesn’t do coincidences. Also the random messages that you get in your inbox sometimes say: “I have a glitch that kicked me after I scanned the new circuit boards Dan gave me. can’t get back on my account. Is this happening to anyone else?”
    All I have to say is the remnant collection mode is YOU/ the woman killing young children and collecting their remnant. The same woman in Fnaf vr talking to Glitchtrap.

    I might be wrong though. But it was nice to get this off my chest.

    Sorry for the bad grammar. It is really early.

  • quinn hasse

    quinn hasse

     20 hours ago

    There can only be one king