4 Instant Ramen Upgrades



  • Netizpossible


     a years ago +1406

    When you're a college kid but you're taking culinary arts.

  • Smug Hat Kid

    Smug Hat Kid

     a years ago +2191

    Why df are you putting peanuts in ramens

  • bittertongue96


     a years ago +517

    that moment when the some of the toppings are more expensive than the ramen entirely

  • Smug Hat Kid

    Smug Hat Kid

     a years ago +1213

    I usually just put in a fuuuuuuuuuckton of hot sauce and call it a day

  • rei


     a years ago +937

    this video should be called, “doing the most for boiled water, noodles, and a seasoning packet”

  • SilentSky


     a years ago +678

    Everything looks delish but where’s the naruto ichiraku ramen?

  • weasel


     a years ago +654

    Too much work, so I will just make it according to directions. Might add an egg because why not but that's it.

  • Wild Katsura

    Wild Katsura

     a years ago +131

    Basically a how to kill myself video since I'm deadly allergic to peanuts and eggs. XD

  • Retro Vybz

    Retro Vybz

     a years ago +590

    Peanut in soup??

  • Thatgirlkristy 45

    Thatgirlkristy 45

     a years ago +144

    Peanut butter siracha and ramen??? Don't know how I feel about that

  • J-Mac's Amateur Kitchen

    J-Mac's Amateur Kitchen

     a years ago +321

    As if instant ramen wasn’t perfect already!!!

  • LeggoJoe


     a years ago +162

    Peanut butter in ramen made me gag



     a years ago +60

    is this some kind of sick joke

  • MangiGaming


     a years ago +20

    I just add some chicken pieces to my ramen and i get chicken noodles

  • Paul A. M.

    Paul A. M.

     3 days ago +1

    If I'm eating instant ramen, do I look like I have any of these ingredients? 😣

  • Justin Y.

    Justin Y.

     a years ago +240

    Sonething sonething naruto ramen

  • ‘syth_Shadowz シ

    ‘syth_Shadowz シ

     1 months ago +4

    I just put a gallon of sriracha and call it modified ramen...

  • laura


     a years ago +13

    here before Justin Y!!

  • Autistic Eggs

    Autistic Eggs

     a years ago +25

    Okay some are just over the top.

  • Nason St. Clair

    Nason St. Clair

     a years ago +5

    Omfg, tasty has done it, FINALLY, RAMEN UPGRADES 😍😍😍