MLB Blown Calls Leading To Ejections - May 2019

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 4, 2019
  • Here is a video featuring all of the bad calls umpires made leading to the ejection of a player and/or manager. There were a few plays such as a A's slide into second base that I left out because I felt the slide was not dirty and therefore did not need to be included.

    Huge shout out to MLB Ejection Tracker for making a video featuring every ejection from the month, from that video I cut out plays where I believe the umpires made the correct call, or plays that involve throwing at batters.

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  • Dronzer Ray

    Dronzer Ray

     5 days ago

    madarfaking umpires licking their mothers clit

  • The Vanilla Godzilla

    The Vanilla Godzilla

     7 days ago +1

    Oh how did he miss that call Mr. Announcer who has a girl's voice with a URI? I don't know but how do you only see it on the slow motion second review ya big know-it-all. STFU quit baggin' on the umpires you pussy whiner.

  • AC24 Caldwell

    AC24 Caldwell

     7 days ago +1

    serious question....what was the deal on the Pirates' one that went to review along the 1st base line? It was clear as day that the pitcher did not touch him with the glove (which had the ball in it)...and the runner clearly did not leave the baseline? How did that call on the field not get overturned?

  • Anonymous Hitman

    Anonymous Hitman

     14 days ago

    12:09....been watching all these godam ejection videos...this fat bald fuckhead of an umpire is tossing a whole lotta people......could it be that he's a fuck of an umpire and can't get shit right?? These fuckheads man...nobody comes to the ballpark to see these assholes.....they should be transparent...

  • Randall Denison

    Randall Denison

     14 days ago

    Must be illegal to show black players getting ejected

  • Tim Hurst

    Tim Hurst

     14 days ago

    I cannot wait for a digital strike zone

  • Mark Japenga

    Mark Japenga

     21 days ago

    So intentional by these poor excuses of humans miss a call intentionally and then have little man's disease and kick people.

  • Eddie Stevens Sr.

    Eddie Stevens Sr.

     21 days ago +1

    Let the fans umpire all games

  • Failure Obama Failure Obama

    Failure Obama Failure Obama

     21 days ago

    DIRTY UMPIRES...…. Balls & Strikes Should be Called by Mechanical Eye....Some Empires favor Pitchers or Batters !

  • GiDD


     a months ago +1

    Ham sandwich with lettuce tomatoes and cheese sounds so good right now.

  • robert gardell

    robert gardell

     a months ago

    MLB umpires blow it all the time. There is no uniform strike call. Brewers pitchers get squezzed all the time and MLB certainly allows it.

  • Christina Feigner

    Christina Feigner

     a months ago +3

    I wonder what happens if an umpire gets into an argument with his wife.

  • Howard Barnett

    Howard Barnett

     a months ago +8

    So, worst first example ever. Hit the top of the zone. The rest? This is why MLB has huge credibility issues.

  • Subangelis Gaming

    Subangelis Gaming

     a months ago

    That was a strike on Smoak, so it wasn't a blown call.

  • Eric Johannsen

    Eric Johannsen

     a months ago +1

    Yes, umpires make mistakes. However, two important points: Sports commentators have, as a rule, horrible rule knowledge. Don't accept what they say at face value; The electronic strike zone is known to be inaccurate, so much so that it isn't used in MLB's umpire evaluation system. Check out what A-Rod says about the electronic strike zone a.k.a. Robo-Ump

  • Thomas Gosselin

    Thomas Gosselin

     a months ago +13

    If these umpires had no union they would be fired in a heartbeat. If I screw up alot and don't make progress well they fire me

  • Sharip Richardson

    Sharip Richardson

     a months ago

    Umps need to be slap for this kind of bullshit calls and Ejection from game

  • James Lunsford

    James Lunsford

     2 months ago

    The last call; however wrong it was, still doesn’t give a manager the right to get in the umpires face and not expect it to be reciprocated! When will these ignorant commentators learn that umpires are human. When the get screamed at, it’s coming back to them. “Whose the aggressor now?” You can only take so much before you have to push back!

  • Exiledwest


     3 months ago

    Too many ads

  • David T.

    David T.

     3 months ago

    You should never argue with the umpire he is always right.