Why 50 Million Chinese Homes are Empty

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  • Published on:  Friday, December 14, 2018
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    China’s housing bubble has left 50 million homes empty and put its government between a rock and a hard place.

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    Enjoy the holidays and see you in 2019 with more videos!

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    viswanadh kankatala

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    Advance congratulations for 1 million subscribers Bro... 👍👍

  • And this one will eat you. Get cooked in my fires

    And this one will eat you. Get cooked in my fires

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  • Nock Nock

    Nock Nock


    Wait these are still empty 64 mill in 2011 and it’s still like this.....

    Where Are The People

  • Eli Saenz

    Eli Saenz


    And yet they say they lifted people out of poverty.

  • Pedro Garcia Gutierrez

    Pedro Garcia Gutierrez

     2 days ago

    chinesse should go back with their lovely panda, for westeners is not allowed to work or buy any property in China, they treat us as a enemies and we should treat them exactly the same

  • Xen Xander

    Xen Xander

     2 days ago

    I lived in or near Pudong for a year, when I taught English in China.
    Sometimes cabbies won't take you there after the metro (subway) closes because of the distance they have to travel there and back without a good fare to compensate, or they charge a little more.
    Still, cabs are pretty cheap compared to the U.S.

  • Humood 39

    Humood 39

     2 days ago

    to best of knowledge that youtube is banned in China...so how they Chinese guys reply you

  • eahar07


     3 days ago

    Why do the Chinese want US land?

  • TheDerpy Kitty

    TheDerpy Kitty

     3 days ago

    You completely failed to mention the worst part of this PolyMatter — most Chinese bank loans have property as collateral. If the property market in China fails, then not only does half of China’s economy fail (as that is the proportion by real estate and support industries like steel), but loans made to the rest of the economy also have to be called in, at a time when those other businesses are already kicking the bucket.

  • Zack Morley

    Zack Morley

     3 days ago

    Born and raised in Vancouver. It’s a huge problem here. Housing prices in greater Vancouver are insanely high and many are not justifiably used as homes but rather investments. An average condo in Vancouver is over $1,000,000 and actual houses are often worth well above 2 or 3 million dollars. Entirely caused by artificial investment demands rather than actual local necessity.

  • 陌路色残影


     3 days ago


  • Jay Con

    Jay Con

     4 days ago

    This is why you cant buy a house in California, Washington, Oregon north in Canada and why you see so many homeless here too. Thank all those flip a house assholes and greedy real estate companies selling us out to Chinese and other foreigners

  • J W

    J W

     4 days ago

    What about organ harvesting?

  • chan J

    chan J

     4 days ago

    too many population also makes the situation worse

  • 0DayByt3


     4 days ago

    Hey why Florida flag to ugly to post at @3:16

  • Jason Sieckmann

    Jason Sieckmann

     4 days ago

    Shadowbanking, real estate bubble, massive deficit spending, wild foreign infrastructure bets, oil poor, hated by nearly all of it's neighbors. No thanks. Love Chinese people, but the nation is a nope.

  • Alex Fierros

    Alex Fierros

     4 days ago

    Florida’s flag too ugly 😂

  • David Lloyd-Jones

    David Lloyd-Jones

     5 days ago

    It is not true as claimed at 1:06 that China has more houses than people. It certainly has tens of millions of empty apartments, and the fifty million figure given here is quite possibly true.
    On the other hand, it still has 400 million people living totally outside the post-Deng Xiao-Ping economic miracle. Until very recently this number was 950 million, and Chinese planners offhandedly called them "the ninety-five." From 950 million to 400 million is a huge reduction in dire poverty. The 400 million left are still a huge challenge.
    The Chinese are working on it, with great ability, energy, and authoritarianism. Some good. A lot of bad.
    Stay tuned.

  • Bon Apetit

    Bon Apetit

     6 days ago

    When they are building beautiful houses and cleaning the places

    It's not people like us.