MLB Headshots!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 19, 2017
  • Ball to Face! Headshots galore! Enjoy! #Headshots #MLB #Baseball

    This is a fair use video.

    I do not own the rights to the video clips that were used. All rights belong to the MLB. *** I do Not own any of the pictures or video clips used. All rights belong to Major League Baseball ***

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  • Xenith Xenaku

    Xenith Xenaku

     10 hours ago

    4:50 = Soundtrack Dissonance.

  • Ericc •

    Ericc •

     3 days ago

    I wouldn’t wish a headshot on my worst enemy dude that shit is traumatizing 😣

  • Joshingya


     4 days ago

    When i was a kid another kid in the neighborhood always carried a baseball, i seen him get in two fights where he hit them in the face with a fastball from about 5 ft before punches were ever thrown. True story, but now he's just a middle aged guy with 3 kids and no baseball.

  • Zachary Norton

    Zachary Norton

     5 days ago

    Jennings looked like he got shot at first they way he was rolling on the mound...that dude had no idea who were or what he was doing when he got tagged

  • Shadow Slayer

    Shadow Slayer

     5 days ago

    When do all the people who hit ppl in the head get their headhunter medals?

  • The GOD

    The GOD

     7 days ago

    When cod players play baseball

  • Gamichi


     7 days ago

    The last one was the most cringy fake flop ever

  • Oakley David

    Oakley David

     14 days ago

    We all know for sure that none of these were done on purpose

  • Xendava


     14 days ago

    You gonna tell me that these pitchers didn't do it on purpose. They get paid to throw strikes. Don't tell me these were accidents. Hitters yes. Pitchers no.

  • The Bull's Horns

    The Bull's Horns

     14 days ago

    Pham would have took 3rd if he could

  • Gaming Shark

    Gaming Shark

     14 days ago

    That hit😬😬😬

  • katohkimikimi


     14 days ago

    10:20 名前は知らないが、この選手かっこよすぎだろ。惚れたわ。

  • Dave Wolcott

    Dave Wolcott

     14 days ago

    Can we put a little fucking net in front of the pitcher would it really impede the game that much

  • ChronicNuggs


     21 days ago

    Fuck you youtube, I was looking for MLG no scope headshots

  • Leon Jose

    Leon Jose

     21 days ago

    I seen the was not curved up & right...when it was supposed to curve down & left

  • Claire Karcher

    Claire Karcher

     28 days ago

    This my friend is why girls have face masks and helmets with guards.... Because there is no crying in baseball or softball

  • Jdninety3


     28 days ago

    Gets killed by ball
    Bring the towel on

  • Veeti Kärkkäinen

    Veeti Kärkkäinen

     28 days ago

    doesn't happen in Pesäpallo :)

  • Colonel Ga-Taffy

    Colonel Ga-Taffy

     1 months ago

    The first and third one are fucking actors. Clearly you can see it hit there helmets. Clearly see that on slow replay. They should have been sent off for that.

  • Tyrone From Wii Sports

    Tyrone From Wii Sports

     1 months ago