Fastest Way to Dry Your Dog!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 5, 2018
  • I Got A New Puppy - Bath - to: 2nd channel - -'T TRY THIS AT HOME!Business email: MAIL: CRAZY RUSSIAN HACKERP.O. Box 49Waynesville, NC 28786DISCLAIMER: In this video description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive commission.
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  • Raindrop


     a years ago +789

    You put his head through the tail side you know!

  • -Archie V-

    -Archie V-

     a years ago +390

    My dog would definitely afraid of even the look of this gadget

  • ron 1j2j

    ron 1j2j

     a years ago +257

    luke is so handsome and well behaved

  • What's So Viral

    What's So Viral

     a years ago +84

    Luke and Hugo asks to Gus : what did you learn
    Gus Be like : 1. Yor so gud bouy
    2. Safety is no.1 prioyiti
    3. Thats pretty much it
    3. Look how cute hee ees

  • peglc legg

    peglc legg

     a years ago +248

    awww...Luke is so patient and laid back. Almost had the look of are we done yet? lol Love how they are so good with Gus. As for the dryer, it may have been backwards but it seemed to work fine; better with short haired dogs I bet. :)

  • Tom Drieskens

    Tom Drieskens

     a years ago +2684

    This is probably for the front two paws
    It says tail on that side... 😂

  • PF1


     a years ago +39

    the better version of this is a leafblower (chiuahuas may blow away)

  • bin gas

    bin gas

     7 months ago +20

    "This is probably for the front two paws"

  • What's So Viral

    What's So Viral

     a years ago +53

    Luke : do whatever you want

  • scarface 82

    scarface 82

     a years ago +264

    Luke the sausage smurf dog

  • C. Babs

    C. Babs

     a years ago +349

    luke's such a patient dog, my dogs would've bounced the second they saw that contraption lol

  • Erica Love

    Erica Love

     a years ago +29

    Luke is so unimpressed and over it lol

  • Sawnril


     a years ago +48


  • Nexus7x


     a years ago +46

    More video with your dogs please

  • ChocoCake 5

    ChocoCake 5

     a years ago +84

    How is looke all okay with this stuff no way my dog is letting me do something but pet

  • kosumozero


     a years ago +1025

    The hair of this dog is very beautiful.

  • Patriot Jefferson

    Patriot Jefferson

     2 months ago +6

    You put it on in reverse! You could see the label "TAIL" @ 2:48

  • Gucci Howard

    Gucci Howard

     a years ago +29

    Luke is a good boy great video

  • SFCRambo60


     5 months ago +5

    Do you think a hair dryer would be better than the vacuum cleaner

  • hofnermty


     2 months ago +3

    It's on backwards! You can clearly see the word TAIL at 2:50