Condensed Game: [email protected] - 8/4/18

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 4, 2018
  • Condensed Game: - 8/4/18About Major League Baseball: Major League Baseball (MLB) is the most historic professional sports league in the United States and consists of 30 member clubs in the U.S. and Canada, representing the highest level of professional baseball. Led by Commissioner Robert D. Manfred, Jr., MLB currently features record levels of labor peace, competitive balance and industry revenues, as well as the most comprehensive drug-testing program in American professional sports. MLB remains committed to making an impact in the communities of the U.S., Canada and throughout the world, perpetuating the sport’s larger role in society and permeating every facet of baseball’s business, marketing and community relations endeavors. With the continued success of MLB Advanced Media and MLB Network, MLB continues to find innovative ways for its fans to enjoy America’s National Pastime and a truly global game.The American League consists of the following teams: Baltimore Orioles; Boston Red Sox; Chicago White Sox; Cleveland Indians; Detroit Tigers; Houston Astros; Kansas City Royals; Los Angeles Angels ; Minnesota Twins; New York Yankees; Oakland Athletics; Seattle Mariners; Tampa Bay Rays; Texas Rangers; and Toronto Blue Jays. The National League, originally founded in 1876, consists of the following teams: Arizona Diamondbacks; Atlanta Braves; Chicago Cubs; Cincinnati Reds; Colorado Rockies; Los Angeles Dodgers; Miami Marlins; Milwaukee Brewers; New York Mets; Philadelphia Phillies; Pittsburgh Pirates; San Diego Padres; San Francisco Giants; St. Louis Cardinals; and Washington Nationals.Visit to MLB.TV: http://mlb.tvDownload MLB At Bat: MLB Ballpark: MLB Clubhouse: Beat The Streak: R.B.I. Baseball: http://www.rbigame.comPlay Home Run Derby: MLB Tickets: Official MLB Merchandise: out for more!Connect with us:Facebook:
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  • Jason Matteson

    Jason Matteson

     a years ago +26

    Ex Yanks dominating their old club. Love it!

  • Jim Bertido

    Jim Bertido

     a years ago +13

    Damage Done.

  • Tito Buritto

    Tito Buritto

     a years ago +11

    Order 66 yankees

  • jrkanaan


     a years ago +15

    im ready to commit suicide after watching these last 3 games

  • Ryan Fitzgerald

    Ryan Fitzgerald

     a years ago +8

    Congrats to that kid for making the Bigs but I think he needs to stay there for a little while longer

  • TheDieHardWWEAddict


     a years ago +41

    Series Taken #GoSox #WhatsTheExcuseSkankeesFans

  • Jorge Colon

    Jorge Colon

     a years ago +10

    go redsox

  • aspenrebel


     a years ago +3

    I finally have a favorite Yankee player. That Pitcher .... Holder guy. Why'd they take him out of the game, I like him. hee hee hee!!!

  • boldlysketched


     a years ago +11


  • André Luís

    André Luís

     a years ago

    "Mediocre cheese"
    lmao Eck.
    Go Sox

  • David Dolan

    David Dolan

     a years ago

    He's a great closer, but I swear to God, Kimbrel looks like Kenny Powers out there sometimes.

  • Hey, Wanna Play?

    Hey, Wanna Play?

     a years ago +5

    GO RED SOX!!!!! ⚾⚾⚾🏆⚾⚾⚾

  • Memetastic Bot

    Memetastic Bot

     a years ago

    Congratulations to the red sox for the sweep. However, that closer was absolute ass.
    1IP, 2H, 2BB, 1K, 1ER, one hold on that last pitch and game would have been over. Gratz to the sox though! Yanks will take Wild Card.

  • eric sigersmith

    eric sigersmith

     a years ago

    War eagle Auburn university

  • Corbin 2022

    Corbin 2022

     a years ago

    Who’s a New York Yankees fan here!!!

  • David


     a years ago +2

    Man, Kimbrel sure made that one interesting... phew...

  • Vincent Cuttolo

    Vincent Cuttolo

     a years ago

    Did anyone notice that Chance Adams is doing a little cheating? He's trying to get an extra tick on his fastball, by pitching from in front of the rubber.

  • Tony


     a years ago +1

    This lasting three games the Yankees pitching has stunk. The Bosox pitching dominating and hitting great. The Yankees hitting and pitching in a slump, very bad timing. They better snap out this slump soon, otherwise big time consequences

  • harry dixson

    harry dixson

     a years ago

    Was hoping Yankees would have picked up Evaldi. He’s been solid this season. Arm will probably explode next year but a good rental player for the last two months.

  • aspenrebel


     a years ago +1

    Welcome to the Major League kid!!! Sox 8 1/2 game lead over The Evil Empire!!! 10 up in the Win column. I was going to go to the Sunday nite game, 8/5, but too tired, too much to do, too much a hassle.