Molten Salt Poured on Popcorn



  • beriorgar


     a years ago +2054

    "honey, the movie is about to start, grab some popcorn!" "sure thing, let me just get my foundry ready"

  • MiaMore


     11 months ago +53

    Burnt popcorn is the worst smell🤭 Your neighbors must love you 😂😩

  • Cromwell564


     a years ago +111

    How far can molten salt fall/pour before it solidifies?

  • Piggy Zilla

    Piggy Zilla

     a years ago +107

    Burnt popcorn is the worst

  • • Alexandra •

    • Alexandra •

     a years ago +162

    Easiest way to rid of popcorn if you know, have a small foundry laying around, I mean, who doesn’t? *obvious sarcasm*

  • Ray McKinley

    Ray McKinley

     a years ago +7

    Take the Solar Scorcher to the Salt Flats and see how much you can liquify.

  • Jeroen Saerens

    Jeroen Saerens

     a years ago +32

    What happend when you put gallium in the metal foundry??

  • MYC _

    MYC _

     a years ago +74

    where is the custom made tongs dude?

  • No budget films 12345

    No budget films 12345

     a years ago +19

    You should do elephant toothpaste grenades

  • Duality


     a years ago

    As someone mentioned before me, with the release of Infinity War, you should cast the Infinity Stones! Sounds like an amazing idea.
    Credit to: Darsh DYB

  • Aaron Frisbie

    Aaron Frisbie

     a years ago

    Not the best video I've seen from y'all thus far and I'm a huge fan! Keep making more amazing videos!

  • Audreysaurs Stories

    Audreysaurs Stories

     a years ago

    How to make a fire:
    •don't use popcorn

  • Patrik Käpyaho

    Patrik Käpyaho

     a years ago

    You should've said
    "Needs more salt" :D

  • Harryvj


     a years ago +75

    Why not use the new furnace utensils you made the other day?

  • mc koloshistras

    mc koloshistras

     7 days ago +1

    Best youtuber. Full of passion and curiosity. RIP king😓 you will never be forgotten😪

  • sangeeta sahuu

    sangeeta sahuu

     a years ago

    Make a molten salt fidget spinner. And try to taste it🤔

  • Akira Velode

    Akira Velode

     a years ago

    "mmmnph, needs more salt"
    (lights foundry

  • CarlosFilms


     a years ago

    You guys should do a gummy/edible version of the Infinity Gauntlet 💪

  • McLP


     a years ago +54

    Frying an egg in molten salt vs burning oil

  • Tiamat Blaze

    Tiamat Blaze

     a years ago

    Sitting here watching this spinning my gold plated King of Random fidget spinner... I now want popcorn but it's 2am. 😓