When Molten Salt hits a Watermelon



  • a-lpha of Zeldaforme Gaming

    a-lpha of Zeldaforme Gaming

     a years ago +497

    molten salt in liquid nitrogen

  • Marty Ray Project

    Marty Ray Project

     a years ago +687

    Yall should start a series called, "Will it molten?" Haha!

  • Sharpie Cat

    Sharpie Cat

     a years ago +38

    That's what I said, sodium chloride.

  • Duy Phuc Nguyen

    Duy Phuc Nguyen

     a years ago +84

    Am I the only one who didn’t know salt can be melt?

  • Amelia McSwimmer

    Amelia McSwimmer

     a years ago +29

    The inside of the cantelope looked like a colony of termites! 🐛

  • 1000's of roots

    1000's of roots

     a years ago +152

    can you dump molten salt into gasoline plz 🔥🔥🔥💥💥💥😃

  • Rex Russell

    Rex Russell

     a years ago +20

    I think it would be really cool to repeat your experiments with Potassium Chloride, the salt substitute that people have to use when they have high blood pressure. I think that Potassium Chloride has the potential to be even more reactive than Sodium Chloride, especially if poured into oils. Give it a try.... or even better yet.... do it with molten Potassium Nitrate.... I know that you know what that is ha ha ha ha :-)

  • Azadanes


     a years ago +23

    try a coconut

  • electronicsNmore


     a years ago +41

    I never realized how molten salt reacts until I saw a BYS video.

  • Ride Sharing with Joshua Dean

    Ride Sharing with Joshua Dean

     a years ago +213

    Do something that the backyard scientist hasn’t done.

  • Asmit Agrawal

    Asmit Agrawal

     a years ago +3

    Try pouring molted salt into coconut 🥥

  • jisungie is my uwu

    jisungie is my uwu

     2 months ago +1

    0:56 is that really how cantaloupe is pronounced? i've been pronouncing it canta-loop my whole life AAAAAAA

  • Matthew Short

    Matthew Short

     2 months ago +2

    Can you cook a steak (to edible) or anything else with molten salt?

  • remarkably weird Marcus

    remarkably weird Marcus

     a years ago +36

    If people cosider this the weird side of YouTube ; I'LL just say that you obviously haven't seen my browsing history . . . SERIOUSLY

  • Our Founding Liars

    Our Founding Liars

     a years ago +140

    The real effect is that it activates the weather machine, which in turn will cause a planned hurricane. This man has blood on his hands. Keep asking questions

  • Rubab Huss

    Rubab Huss

     a years ago +13

    Can you redo all your videos using molten sugar next? Just randomly replace the salt with sugar on all your molten salt videos.

  • J Feliciano

    J Feliciano

     a years ago +7

    How about molten salt VS dry ice or liquid nitrogen

  • Build Destroy

    Build Destroy

     a years ago +2


  • Wysal Chov

    Wysal Chov

     a years ago +14

    Anybody want juice

  • Dante I’ll be weary

    Dante I’ll be weary

     2 months ago

    Molten salt on water
    Hashtag Yolo bois