Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer - Yoda Dog's Reaction



  • Amondo Dazz

    Amondo Dazz

     a years ago +13

    Holy Crap did Lhugueny's dog steal Yoda skin!?!? Lol

  • Captain23rd Gaming

    Captain23rd Gaming

     a years ago +42

    Last time i was this early Obi-wan Still had The Highground

  • Cyber Potato

    Cyber Potato

     a years ago +14

    I love yoda dog!

  • Yvan Osorio

    Yvan Osorio

     a years ago +10

    He sounds like one of the Sesame Street characters

  • Syman vellinos

    Syman vellinos

     a years ago +16

    hey bruh can you do cuphead as the next song

  • JOHNNY Walker

    JOHNNY Walker

     a years ago +5

    Transformers last Knight.
    Power rangers 2017.
    Dawn of war 3 .
    Dawn of the planet of the Ape.
    Voltron legendary defender.
    And anymore of musical ? This is for you LHUGUENY

  • Cheeky 13

    Cheeky 13

     a years ago

    "Nothing turns me on more than a force sensitive female"
    Lol, same bro.

  • CrazySarah 98

    CrazySarah 98

     a years ago

    You should do a Supernatural musical parody! (parody of Carry on Wayward Son would be best).
    Also, yoda dog sounds like cookie monster! 😂

  • Harry Thomas Pictures

    Harry Thomas Pictures

     a years ago +2

    Amazing this Trailer is!

  • hydra 360

    hydra 360

     a years ago +1

    Hey lhugueny I love your vids but can you make a MW2 I'd really appreciate it😆

  • Pate Riot

    Pate Riot

     a years ago

    Plz make Hacksaw Ridge the musical.
    P.s. cute pupper



     a years ago

    less reaction MORE ZOMBIES RAPS

  • Quentin Rojahn

    Quentin Rojahn

     a years ago

    sounds more like grover from sesame street because the sentences aren't fragmented. Still amazing tho.

  • Kittencup 13

    Kittencup 13

     a years ago

    Hiii im the first person to commet and whach this video!!!!😄😄😄😄

  • wormboy 1

    wormboy 1

     11 months ago

    Yoda may force be whit you

  • Galactic Cucumber The First

    Galactic Cucumber The First

     a years ago

    We need a time machine to rapidly take us to 15 december

  • HGC


     a years ago

    The best quality video on this chanell

  • Máté Gergő Mészáros

    Máté Gergő Mészáros

     a years ago

    You should do a call of duty rap battle with mactavish in it.please!

  • Riley Ortiz

    Riley Ortiz

     a years ago

    Do CupHead the musical plz!☺☺☺



     a years ago

    Plz do CupHead the musical!