GOT7 Youngjae "혼자(Nobody Knows)" M/V

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  • Published on:  Sunday, September 9, 2018
  • GOT7 Youngjae "혼자(Nobody Knows)" M/V2018.09.17 MON 6PMFind GOT7 "Present : YOU" on iTunes & Apple Music Spotify [GOT7 Official] http://got7.jype.com & Apple Music #Lullaby #PresentYOUCopyrights 2018 ⓒ JYP Entertainment. All Rights Reserved
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  • What's a bias list anymore

     10 months ago

    Youngjae is seriously underrated! People need to stop sleeping on him!

  • smol jae

     5 days ago

    (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Funny Caton

     22 days ago

    He is my ult bias♥

  • mei Tiwapon

     9 months ago

    YOUNGJAE. I LOVE YOUI Love Got7.💚🇹🇭คนทายคนทาย

  • เกศแก้ว ถ่ายพงศ์

     2 months ago


  • Hello EveryDay

     4 months ago


  • ติ่งGOT7 BTS Wanna one NCT ติ่งเกาหลีตลอดไป

     9 months ago


  • Pan Pim Chanel

     2 months ago


  • kanida wanraruen

     2 months ago


  • indri indri

     9 months ago

    Me : When can I have a boyfriend like you?Youngjae : 'Nobody KnowsMe : 😅😅😂😂😢😢

  • i love coco

     8 days ago

    Of course, cause no one else is special as him to me. 😔

  • Funny Caton

     22 days ago

    Me: When can I see you in a real life?Youngjae: 'Nobody Knows😄😆😊😕😟😞😔😢😭

  • Scilla

     9 months ago

    Ok, i usually dont put comments but I LOVE THIS SONG and it just hit me really hard. You rarely see kpop idols make songs about these topics. I love all the Got7 members and Bambam's party and Jackson's Made it but out of all the solo's I think Youngjae's is the most meaningful and the one that I can really relate to. (just my opinion) Im just so sad that my happy sunshine Youngjae's MV doest have that many views. His voice, the lyrics, the melody, and the music video is just so perfectly compiled, I w...

  • chicca ca

     3 months ago

    I think exactly the same as you

  • ѕt mєlσn

     3 months ago

    For me it was Jinyoung but I still love Youngjae Nobody Know and it was so catchy

  • I'm 7 out

     10 months ago

    🔓 *JACKSON* we made it 🔓 *BAMBAM* party 🔓 *YOUNGJAE* nobody knows🔒 *JINYOUNG* My Youth 🔒 *YUGYEOM* Fine🔒 *JEABUM* Sunrise 🔒 *MARK* OMW

  • emaa septyandani

     1 months ago


  • Play BOYS Channel

     9 months ago

    เสียงยองแจดีมากกกก ชอบเสียงมาก ต่ำก็ต่ำสุด สูงก็สูงสุด ชอบ~💓

  • Ananya Neralla

     7 months ago

    His songs are so deep and heart wrenching. I wonder what goes on in this cute boy's mind. He manages to surprise me everytime. I fall deeper everytime I watch+hear him sing. It's as if he turns into a whole different person. One minute he is giggling and being cute and once he starts singing, boom- Magic! There is so much to youngjae behind that cute smile and quirky mannerisms which very few people notice. He deserves a lot of appreciation.

  • Coffee mon

     6 months ago


  • ปฏิญญา ชู

     9 months ago