Is it Possible to Beat Sonic Heroes with Only Sonic?

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  • Published on:  Saturday, November 9, 2019
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    Video Edited by: @TotallyNotJon_

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  • Oliwier Kozlowski

    Oliwier Kozlowski

     an hour ago

    sonic hero

  • Jason Camardelle

    Jason Camardelle

     6 hours ago

    Sonic and Sonic in the Olympic Winter Games.

  • Jacob Laufer

    Jacob Laufer

     15 hours ago +1

    Couldn't the team blast destroy that door?

  • flaming dragon

    flaming dragon

     23 hours ago +1

    Monika: JUST MONIKA

  • Arctic Alpaca

    Arctic Alpaca

     5 days ago

    Idea: Heroes, Warrior Edition. You have to be Knuckles the full game.

  • Joseph Gonzales

    Joseph Gonzales

     7 days ago

    Just SONICA ( only ddlc fans will understand this)

  • Iangamz


     7 days ago

    Why is this under MARIO CHALLENGES

  • Hyoroemon Meto

    Hyoroemon Meto

     7 days ago

    "Sooonic he- Sooonic. Sooonic "

  • The Legend King

    The Legend King

     7 days ago

    Please do a "how Sonic free riders triggers you!" Video



     7 days ago

    what about using the speed character only for all the other teams?

  • SteveGaming RBLX

    SteveGaming RBLX

     7 days ago

    Very impressive, but can you beat Sonic 3 with only Knuckles?

  • tails miles

    tails miles

     7 days ago

    What do you mean now you want to play with only sonic lol

    They have games like that already like:
    Sonic 1
    Sonic unleashed
    Sonic forces (fan oc's don't count)

  • Taj Singh

    Taj Singh

     7 days ago

    Could the level with not be jumped over just wondering?

  • Colin Grus

    Colin Grus

     7 days ago +1

    Also make a video with you beating sonic heroes with pressing jump

  • Colin Grus

    Colin Grus

     7 days ago +1

    Nathan, please swap 1 time 😢

  • De'vante Warner

    De'vante Warner

     7 days ago

    On my 360 i only did that on seaside hill and thats it (Backwards compatibility)

  • Antisocial Sami

    Antisocial Sami

     7 days ago

    Sonic actin' like Dr. Eggman killed his dog...

  • Liam Ford

    Liam Ford

     7 days ago

    I'm a simple man, I see Sonic Heroes i hit like

  • Adam Amponsa

    Adam Amponsa

     14 days ago

    Jump over the thing at the beginning of bullet station

  • Grant Robertson

    Grant Robertson

     14 days ago

    Now do it with Big the Cat.