COCONUT OPENING - The Best Coconut Technique - jak najlepiej otworzyć kokos

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 27, 2016
  • How to crack open a fresh coconut quickly and easily with tools that everybody owns. Coconut keeped in one piece whole.
    How to Open Coconut and Remove from shell.
    Najlepszy i najskuteczniejszy film instruktażowy jak poradzić sobie z kokosem.
    Postępując według tego filmu unikniemy kłopotów oraz utraty cennego mleczka.
    Otwieranie kokosa.
    One piece coconut
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  • Shashi Moghe

    Shashi Moghe


    बहुत आसान तरीका धन्यवाद शुभकामना

  • Mirza Khan

    Mirza Khan

     2 days ago

    very nice

  • Bharat Patel

    Bharat Patel

     14 days ago


  • m-murali Murali

    m-murali Murali

     21 days ago +1

    in my house they open coconut just hitting on the slap edge they dont need so many hammers and knife etc.,

  • My Username is Pointlessly Long and Intimidating

    My Username is Pointlessly Long and Intimidating

     1 months ago

    epic coconut.

  • Darshan Kaur

    Darshan Kaur

     1 months ago

    Waao nice

  • akhi khatun

    akhi khatun

     1 months ago


  • Technical Artist

    Technical Artist

     1 months ago


  • letitia


     1 months ago

    Of all the methods out there, yours is the best. Freezing it, the flavor us cut in half. Heating it, as someone told me...neeeeehh and other methods don't convince me.

  • 1957Anwar


     2 months ago +1

    why trim/peel off the brown skin ??!! it is nutritious too..

  • Muhammad Naeem

    Muhammad Naeem

     2 months ago

    soooper very easy

  • Milton Tapper

    Milton Tapper

     2 months ago

    Don’t matter what you do it all depends on the type of coconut some time it works some time it don’t

  • Radhakrishnan K

    Radhakrishnan K

     2 months ago

    Being South Indian .. I felt wow .. but one this I can teach my kids is .. never open coconut like this.. it’s very simple all we need to hit hard on the line opposite to the soft eye.. and then save the coconut water and scrap coconut using coconut scrapper. All these best for your style of opening..

  • doz christy

    doz christy

     2 months ago

    0:04 AHAHAHAHAHA!!!
    Besides,ur coconut is tiny & old...thats no longer healthy 😣
    its hard & tasteless

    ...also, i'll buy u 20 more FRESH & GREEN coconut if u can do that to a ripe 1....not that matured u r showing 😆🇵🇭

  • akshay koul

    akshay koul

     2 months ago +1

    Jar was very small for the river of coconut water.

  • Pillip Wright Wright

    Pillip Wright Wright

     2 months ago


  • Rekha's Cookbook

    Rekha's Cookbook

     2 months ago

    Awesome method, but for this method, coconut must be very matured..

  • Diana Brunner

    Diana Brunner

     3 months ago

    Did you know that 55 people die a year from falling coconuts

  • Diana Brunner

    Diana Brunner

     3 months ago

    What did the coconut do to you

  • Bandisi Mamba

    Bandisi Mamba

     3 months ago