Sportz (ft. JaidenAnimations)

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  • Published on:  Monday, September 25, 2017
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    I spent way too long on this and it looks like crap xD
    That lava meme is harder than it looks ;0;
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  • Commando Jessica

    Commando Jessica

     9 hours ago

    I am the fastest runner in my state but....

    My doctor found a can of mountain dew inside me an now i can beat shaggy at 23% power level

  • Damon T

    Damon T

     10 hours ago

    I actually do and hit in the head

  • TeaSzu QwQ

    TeaSzu QwQ

     11 hours ago

    In my school (Elementary School to be specific) Guys would play soccer/football because they are super duper violent when snatching those balls

  • HiIm DelaneyMartin

    HiIm DelaneyMartin

     17 hours ago +1

    I want a sibling that I get along with

    I dont have siblings:(

  • Epa The Keddunen

    Epa The Keddunen


    WTF 4:41 that hand has 6 fingers DxD

  • Chace Playz

    Chace Playz


    Lightning or knockout is called gacha for me

  • Mew 12334

    Mew 12334


    I played bike tag before, someone hit my back tire with there's and I fell then my whole are was bloody

  • Gaming With kids

    Gaming With kids

     2 days ago

    I guess balls are magnetic to you

  • Apex


     2 days ago +1

    0:14 quadratic formula is top left

  • nicktube HD

    nicktube HD

     2 days ago

    I played bike tag when I was younger

  • Just Hallowed

    Just Hallowed

     2 days ago

    O my gosh i fractured my wrist on the growth plate 2 months ago

  • XxCookie QueenxX

    XxCookie QueenxX

     2 days ago

    When I was like 5 I played a game called 'rock hide and go seek' and i would hide as a rock, in plain sight and my sister would pretend to not see me.

  • Xx Red Nightmare xX

    Xx Red Nightmare xX

     3 days ago +1

    In elementary i went to the nurses office every day

  • Elizabeth Parra Delliquadri

    Elizabeth Parra Delliquadri

     3 days ago

    I am a champ of knockout as well

  • Batcat g

    Batcat g

     3 days ago

    Well I play on a femenin team of soccer and yesterday was macht and we won! 4-3

  • Beebo Bopbee

    Beebo Bopbee

     4 days ago

    2:25: (if you have the captions on) Isn’t it... fútball...?

  • SonicAceCity


     4 days ago

    Wow, her voice was much more expressive back then

  • zoe's vlog's

    zoe's vlog's

     4 days ago


  • CRAZYCUKOOKID the robloxian

    CRAZYCUKOOKID the robloxian

     4 days ago

    If u go to a baseball game WEAR HOCKEY CATCHER'S GEAR

  • fefe feline

    fefe feline

     4 days ago

    Shgurr shows fix fingered hand