jeffree star ending careers and dragging makeup brands in 5 minutes

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 16, 2018
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  • Romany


     3 minutes ago


  • Hi Hello

    Hi Hello

     12 minutes ago

    “It’s like a little old piece of dookie” I’m dead 😂😂
    -Jefree Star 😂😂

  • It'sMeCecy


     38 minutes ago +1

    i love Jeffree 😂

  • Emilie Panasiuk

    Emilie Panasiuk

     3 hours ago

    Please link the video next time thanks

  • Teresa Bralzick

    Teresa Bralzick

     7 hours ago

    Idk how tf I got here, but someone please put this no eyebrow, Morlock zombie lookin mother fucker back in the grave. Wtf is this?! Is this person really givin beauty advice?? I don’t give af how rich this skeletor is this is just fuckn nasty, nasty human being.

  • Justine Brown

    Justine Brown

     9 hours ago

    Hahah honestly love how honest he is❤️ never had the chance to try his makeup yet but I will soon

  • Bossey Poppy

    Bossey Poppy

     17 hours ago

    damn..i 😂💖

  • Kathy and Aerin

    Kathy and Aerin

     19 hours ago

    1:44 has me dead

  • Khylacha


     21 hours ago

    It’s 1 in the morning & this was hilarious

  • Eeriel Constantine

    Eeriel Constantine

     22 hours ago

    He needs to drag whoever did his hair next
    He looks gorg even with shitty makeup tho

  • andrea perez

    andrea perez

     22 hours ago

    “This just doesn’t have any pigment and um... I’M BORED.”

  • Ari A

    Ari A

     23 hours ago

    4:05 I literally snorted

  • kenzie mendrick

    kenzie mendrick


    i’m obsessed with him rn
    i couldn’t stop laughing

  • Itza-Mara Arneros

    Itza-Mara Arneros


    Haha I love Jeffree

  • stephanie Parker

    stephanie Parker



  • abby grace

    abby grace


    i love jeffree my gosh

  • Josh Santistevan

    Josh Santistevan


    Jeff star is terrible

  • Tori H

    Tori H


    Bro highlighter at walmart ,(NAME BRAND BTW) is better

  • Lydia Smith

    Lydia Smith



  • Ayfer K

    Ayfer K


    What video is this 😂