Playing YOUR #DGR Mario Maker 2 Levels!! | VIEWER LEVELS [#1]

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 8, 2019
  • Today is the first of hopefully many future videos where I showcase YOUR Mario Maker levels that you create for me, DGR! If you want a chance to have your levels played in a future episode, be sure to use #DGR in your level title!!

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  • DGR


     6 months ago +255

    If you want a chance for your level to be featured in the next video, please be sure to use #DGR in the level title and submit them to me on Twitter and/or the discord...both links can be found in the description of the video :D

  • SuperMario101


     5 days ago


  • 624B


     7 days ago

    Yo DGR, I got an expert level called Boom Boom Base Battle. you’d hate it lol

  • Larra Milli

    Larra Milli

     28 days ago

    24:40. #New Yolo style

  • Nerys Hughes

    Nerys Hughes

     1 months ago

    me me ID NQT TGJ 3RG

  • Jordan Zuniga

    Jordan Zuniga

     2 months ago

    Hey DGR can you play my level code 41X-QD4-WWF PLZ MAKE VIDEO TO THX BYE

  • Concerned Commenter

    Concerned Commenter

     2 months ago +3

    Mario and the Iron Tushy

  • Aaron Himelrick

    Aaron Himelrick

     2 months ago

    I made one plz play my level

  • Sankey 84

    Sankey 84

     2 months ago

    Hey Dave I hope you will consider doing some You Tube levels as this is the only way I have to contact you. I have over 34 levels at time of posting and have hand picked 10 levels I hope you will like.
    Mario Battle Royal #RYU #DGR 6HY-DT8-4RG
    2 Rooms 1 Winner #RYU #DGR JGX-TPQ-VSG
    #DGR and #RYUSMM go on holiday Q9B-BTH-THG
    Thank you RYU + DGR 7FT-0HS-NSF
    Bowser Kark Rainbow Road C1C-3HD-WRG
    Jump Man HF8-MHY-VJG
    Bowsers Bouncy Castle NP3-Y5N-TKF
    Dev Exit RJ2-DSY-DQG
    Tame the Chain M2B-M3K-NBG
    My 1st Troll Level H75-VC2-XYF

  • Ethan Davis Animations

    Ethan Davis Animations

     2 months ago +1

    7:59 has no idea how to do it. 8:00 instantly does it perfectly

  • eunsung kwon

    eunsung kwon

     3 months ago

    Could you cheese the first level by high jumping on the doughnut block?

  • A G

    A G

     3 months ago

    first map was good but sooo easy

  • Full House Studios Music

    Full House Studios Music

     3 months ago

    i don have a switch yet, but when I get one, can you pls play my lvl? :)

  • Wiktor Jeżeł

    Wiktor Jeżeł

     4 months ago

    Wait... When level is not played by a single person then counter is diveding by zero...


  • XboxLucas12 r

    XboxLucas12 r

     4 months ago

    You can get out one way softlocks with the koopa clown car I think

  • Connor Carmine

    Connor Carmine

     4 months ago

    They’re not called cranes, called swinging claws

  • Vin Gatti

    Vin Gatti

     4 months ago


  • xXKillthe SkillXx

    xXKillthe SkillXx

     4 months ago


    Hey guys just finished my First super Mario Maker 2 level. Feel free to try :D

  • David Gallego Álvarez

    David Gallego Álvarez

     4 months ago


    (But DGR is not in the tittle...)
    Here is my level:
    (Tematic and Traditional)
    Thrilling Tracks and Twisters
    ID: 2K8 8ND YCG

  • Gaby Gacha

    Gaby Gacha

     4 months ago

    To climb walls walk into them midair