IZ*ONE (아이즈원) - '好きと言わせたい (Suki to Iwasetai)' MV

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 24, 2019
  • 2019年2月6日発売 IZ*ONE 日本デビューシングル「好きと言わせたい」MV2019년 2월 6일 발매 IZ*ONE 일본 데뷔 싱글 「Suki to Iwasetai」MVOn sale February 6, 2019 IZ*ONE Japan Debut Single「Suki to Iwasetai」MVIZ*ONE Official Twitter : https://twitter.com/official_izoneIZ*ONE Official Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/official.izoneIZ*ONE Official Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/official_izoneIZ*ONE Official fancafe : http://cafe.daum.net/official-izone
  • Source: https://youtu.be/dLymsYC7Kmo


  • Sivphingg Chong

     3 months ago

    *This is what we call Japanese song*

  • Kookies and Cream

     5 hours ago

    Totally agree!!

  • Ray Sihite

     19 hours ago

    @4MINUTE 4 ETERNITY right, iz*one is K-idol group and also J-idol group. last i saw japanese show, it showed that ”IZ*ONE 韓日国アイドルグループ". 韓 means Korea 日 means Japan. Cmiiw

  • Zzang name ¿

     2 days ago

    Imagine standing on a pile trash and still looked stunning as god

  • 아이즈원 • 위즈원Sakura Mizuki

     2 months ago

    ⚠ attention WIZ*ONE! ⚠our goals for IZ*ONE MV are:La Vie en Rose: +100M Violeta: +40MSuki to Iwasetai: +20MBuenos Aires: +10MLet's work hard for our girls! ♡

  • 吳小恩GreenFreeDomino

     18 hours ago

    Wish you have a grand and glorious achievement . 사랑해

  • irene red velvet

     12 days ago


  • Mike Sim23

     1 months ago

    this is what japanese songs from kpop artists should be like,STREAM SUKI TO IWASETAI

  • Zzang name ¿

     2 days ago

    @Aleah Kaonohi maybe because they're under the same label?And produced by the same producer

  • Zzang name ¿

     2 days ago

    @Rxmdhy gzzz wow no need to bring twice here

  • Jin's Laugh

     1 months ago

    Who's here after Buenos Aires MV release?Man, their Japanese comebacks are always THE BEST.

  • Razali Zali

     8 days ago

    Not like buenos aires

  • alciaa _

     2 months ago

    so they really did sing like1st Wonyoung & 2nd Sakura3rd Yuri & 4th Yena5th Yujin & 6th Nako7th Eunbi & 8th Hyewon9th Hitomi & 10th Chaewon11th Minju & 12th Chaeyeon that’s interesting

  • Casy Strawberry

     7 days ago

    ajitou i know right, Sakura and Wonyoung too

  • ajitou

     20 days ago

    hitomi and chaewon blended so well


     1 months ago

    会いたいと言ってるのは最近 私ばかりじゃない?何度もしつこいくらい毎日 あなたが誘って来たのに…輝いてるダイヤモンドはどこかにしまい忘れてるの?ねえ もう一度 思い出してよ昔のようにときめきましょう愛はいつも 慣れて来てしまうもの時々は確かめないとどこか行っちゃうよ絶対好きと言わせたい あなたの方から好きと言わせたい Won't you kiss?好きと言わせたい 私の瞳(め)を見て好きと言わせたい Won't you kiss?抱きしめてくれても 伝わって来ないちゃんと言葉でちょうだい Won't you kiss?よそ向いて放っておくなら私も勝手にしちゃうからお互い 干渉しないそういうルールもいいかもしれないつい 強がって言ってみたけどそんなことはできないねえ もう少し こっちを見てよ胸の奥で叫んでいるのに愛はやがて バランス崩れるものやさしさで支えてないと傾いてしまうよだから好きと言いなさい 簡単なことでしょ?好きと言いなさい One more kiss!好きと言いなさい 今さらでもいい好きと言いなさい One more ...

  • R I R I

     17 days ago


  • Florentina Bruneci

     20 days ago

    I see a difference between j-pop and k-pop visuals 😅😅😅 j-pop is more like poetry / telling a story and k-pop is about focus on members’s visuals . Anyway both are very eye catching and beautiful to watch

  • Florentina Bruneci

     16 days ago

    Jendral Hizu Pung Anyway they make more amazing music videos than western artists ( no offense I like western artists the same way as I like eastern artists ) , but the videos of eastern artists are something eye candy 😍😍😍

  • Jendral Hizu Pung

     16 days ago

    maybe for now/new kpop song, but older song Gen 2 like SNSD, Kara etc, they telling story too and more focus on main vocal than visual

  • にゃんこブラック

     2 months ago