MARC SPELMANN X All Performances BGT 2018-2019

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 5, 2019
  • This video was uploaded on my other channel and was Blocked in the UK byt got alot of views so I'm posting it on here to get my watch time up

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  • Connie Murillo

    Connie Murillo

     an hour ago

    He is creepy!!!

  • three tatos

    three tatos

     10 hours ago

    I did the circle square game with no context and still got hope
    This man is amazing

  • Lol Lol

    Lol Lol

     10 hours ago

    But it was filmed 2 years ago but his baby is 2 years ??.???

  • sandy erickson

    sandy erickson

     11 hours ago

    How do you top that?? Awesome

  • Rubiah Pitin

    Rubiah Pitin

     12 hours ago +1

    WTF who dislike this is a motherfucking stupid

  • little Emi

    little Emi

     14 hours ago +1

    Who's still watching Saturday December 14th
    (BTW he should of won like hOw aRe aNt aNd dEc fEeLiNg tHe sAmE sEnSeS?)

  • John Dave Escote

    John Dave Escote

     14 hours ago

    grabe nakakaiyak!!

  • Rehana Kasan

    Rehana Kasan

     23 hours ago +34

    Who is still watching Dec: 14 2019

  • Rehana Kasan

    Rehana Kasan

     23 hours ago +1

    Wow! These man is so incredible

  • Kael From YT

    Kael From YT

     23 hours ago

    whos watching december 14 3290?

  • Carson Owens

    Carson Owens


    16:20-16:30 I thought shot was about to go down like joker style (if u watch joker u know what I mean)

  • ramesh naik

    ramesh naik

     yesterday +1

    I got goosebumps when i was see gandhi image

  • 031205tm



    19:46 what is the songs name at the background

  • Europa Koerier

    Europa Koerier

     yesterday +1

    Great performer, a great respect from the Netherlands

  • Elijah Stark

    Elijah Stark


    Staged. Oh btw follow my Instagram

  • Arun Kumar

    Arun Kumar

     yesterday +3

    He should have won the show

  • Heldy Brian George

    Heldy Brian George


    I like his story..not magic..but HOPE!! Peace from honest will be meet u someday.. With HOPE!!

  • Danny Luk

    Danny Luk


    Dec.13 2019!

  • Dr.Lunartive



    i'm still watching, still amazed, i would say this man could show you meaning of faith. truly unbelievable, can't believe he didn't win!! But it seems in his eyes and millions of others he really did!

  • the MazzucacVNS

    the MazzucacVNS


    19:46 what the name of the song plz guys ?