C.M. Punk Breaks Down Wrestling Scenes from Movies | GQ

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  • Published on:  Friday, October 25, 2019
  • WWE superstar C.M. Punk breaks down famous wrestling scenes from movies, including 'Nacho Libre,' 'The Wrestler,' 'Ready to Rumble,' 'Paradise Alley,' 'GLOW,' 'Spider-Man' and 'Fighting with My Family.'

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    C.M. Punk Breaks Down Wrestling Scenes from Movies | GQ
  • Source: https://youtu.be/d1FZ4C3_ujc


  • Ollux


     2 hours ago

    Really? CM Punk was the best you could afford?

  • OmegaFinest ,

    OmegaFinest ,

     4 hours ago


  • travis konarzewski

    travis konarzewski

     4 hours ago

    Christ al mighty I learned more science than movie knowledge

  • Luke


     6 hours ago

    Fake wrestling

  • Liminal State

    Liminal State

     7 hours ago

    just a real dude in a fake, though entertaining industry

  • Mayor McCheese

    Mayor McCheese

     9 hours ago

    CM punk is a dirt bag in UFC 3

  • Banjo Kazooie 194

    Banjo Kazooie 194

     13 hours ago

    Is everyone going to gloss over that he wrestled in a strip club ;)

  • Greasy mouse

    Greasy mouse


    Cm punk is a clown shut up

  • llama llama

    llama llama


    So a fake wrestler breaks down fake wrestling?

  • Greg D

    Greg D


    Looks like Billy Gunn, The Wrestler...

  • Joshua Lewis

    Joshua Lewis

     2 days ago

    I think I’ve watched nacho libre. I actually forgot.

    I forgot about that Spider-Man scene

  • Teemsea 31

    Teemsea 31

     2 days ago

    This dude will do anything for money now ahahah

  • F-zero91maru


     2 days ago

    I’ll be honest wwe was kinda cool with cm punk was around he would of been better if he was in the attitude era or the ruthless era

  • Vhang Jeezy G

    Vhang Jeezy G

     2 days ago

    I only came here for Nacho Libre.

  • DildoSnuggie


     2 days ago

    1:44 lol throwing shade at Cena

  • Eva 1

    Eva 1

     3 days ago



  • Moff Jerjerrod

    Moff Jerjerrod

     3 days ago

    "Its always nicer when you have a big gigantic tough man to land on" Makes me wonder what Bam Bam Bigelow thinks of that comment.

  • Ryan Hustler

    Ryan Hustler

     3 days ago

    Get CM Punk break down UFC fights. Especially the match where he was tickled by an opponent.

  • metalfaust19


     3 days ago

    Punk is right you need a heel in wrestling but he is wrong saying face vs face wouldn't sell tickets. That is just wrong, a lot of people's dream matches are face vs face because we never get to see it, do it sparingly and book it right and it would definitely sell tickets.

    People see through kayfabe, not every match needs a good vs evil angle, a lot of people would just love seeing two popular faces have a match without a poorly written forced heel turn at some point.

    You need heels for rivalries and storylines but you CAN just have a good high quality face vs face match. It has been done before.

  • Everett Burgess

    Everett Burgess

     4 days ago +2

    CM Punk telling me you cant pin em on the floor in a "falls count anywhere" match makes me sad...