Michelle Wolf On Controversy Surrounding Her White House Correspondents' Dinner Roast | The View

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 23, 2018
  • Source: https://youtu.be/cm8D4OonKUs


  • iwbasl


     2 days ago

    Not funny  Disgraceful  Rude Obscene  Crude  and no class at all.  Good job on the view giving cover to this hack.

  • E. C.

    E. C.

     2 days ago

    Wolf completely deflated Meghan. Meg tried to shame her and Michelle was not having it. Clutch your pearls Meghan and shut up.

  • Jett Riggs

    Jett Riggs

     14 days ago +1

    God she isnt even funny

  • Michael Smith

    Michael Smith

     14 days ago

    Michelle is smashing here in the UK

  • anonymous


     14 days ago

    The View is a terrible show

  • Waxoff Waxon

    Waxoff Waxon

     28 days ago

    This girl is precious !!!

  • Brittany Bonnie

    Brittany Bonnie

     1 months ago

    ahhh so many red heads ...i love it...but trump hates this woman 😂😂😂😷😂😂😂😂😷

  • Josh Veres

    Josh Veres

     1 months ago

    Look at Meghan McCain you were so offencive

  • Blanik L-13

    Blanik L-13

     1 months ago +1

    She’s got a face for radio and a voice for print.

  • Nikhil Misra

    Nikhil Misra

     2 months ago

    Love her, she's so Authentic

  • Lady Anonymous

    Lady Anonymous

     2 months ago

    "The Original Clinton Chronicles" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCGW033-82c A documentary about the Bill & Hillary Clinton COCAINE CARTEL, the witnesses they murdered (which include 5 teenage boys from Arkansas), Bill's cocaine addiction, Bill's cocaine-orgies w/high school cheerleaders, & more. #FuckTheView #FuckMichelleWolf #DemExit #WalkAway

  • Woon Shing Lee

    Woon Shing Lee

     2 months ago +1

    Megan had nothing to much to say!WTF She knows when to keep her mouth shut!

  • CD Smith

    CD Smith

     2 months ago +1

    1973 --- Dean Martin roasts Ronald Reagan, Don Rickles utterly torches not only then-Governor Reagan but everyone in the room, masterfully, with jokes that are so UN-politically correct that today's pc generation would go out of their minds with outrage. Everyone laughs. Millions watching on TV laugh. No protests, no boycotting, just pure fun and friendship regardless of race, creed or color.

    2018 -- Michelle Wolf roasts Trump and his Administration of doom, not to mention every news network and outlet in existance, in basically similar cutting flavor just as Rickles (although let's face it, no one but Rickles is Rickles) did all those years ago. RESULT -- every Trumper in the room offended. Trump announces later "No more comedians at events."
    Perhaps a nice polka band next time. But no comics!

    And this, in the maga-hatter's pea-brained mindset, is what constitutes making America great again.

    I never knew who Michelle Wolfe was before this. Never heard of her. Now, she's a rock star. She not only exposed the man's ego in all it's fragility inside of 20 minutes (not an easy thing, the man's ego is galactic in proportion) but she exposed how deep the rabbit hole runs in the entirety of the GOP. Bravo, my lady. Well done.

    I'd have loved to have seen her do a torching of Obama and the Dems pre-2015. You'd have actually seen everyone laughing at themselves. Like real people. The more cutting jokes the better. Next time perhaps.

    And Flint still doesn't have clean water.


  • Arturo Blanco

    Arturo Blanco

     2 months ago

    0:26 se men can't judge women but women can judge men hahaha the hyprocisy i love it

  • doobiewah357


     2 months ago

    Even Bill Mahar said: She's just not funny.

  • Mars


     3 months ago

    ok I am not a Democrat but why are u ppl mad about her jokes, again its just jokes, she's a comedian

  • klaudia pettus

    klaudia pettus

     3 months ago

    They Didn’t let her borrow a stylist before she came on the view loo

  • Liquid


     3 months ago

    Michelle Wolf is way too classy to ever have stooped to appearing on the show that she is presently, like, appearing on?
    Somebody pay me an obscene amount of money to make such basic errors and then complain about it!

  • Odd Ball

    Odd Ball

     3 months ago

    Why does The View regard the show as your teacher and will test you soon ? I never seen a bunch of over paid, overweight puppets looking for yups,...in my life. When Whoopie lied, she stayed on the show and in the US. How can that women demand any kind of respect ? But keep searching for those yups and Ok's,.....Try not to notice why they were lost to begin with.

  • Daniel Olivera

    Daniel Olivera

     3 months ago

    i love carrot top!!!