NFL Player Chatter is HILARIOUS! Very Funny! All Credits / Rights: NFL

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  • SUBSCRIBE HERE!! #nfl #football #sports Sound bites from on-field chatter by NFL players are priceless. ALL CREDIT GOES TO THE NFL AND ITS PLAYERS. THIS VIDEO IS MONETIZED BY THE NFL. Even the Pros understand that humor has its place, and these NFL players do a great job of demonstrating that. A few examples:
    1. I say that to say this. If you wouldn't have did what you did, then we wouldn't have been where we was to get what we got.... or
    2. Oh Yeah... I'm telling you man, you leading the league in hydration!
    3. Man i gotta go pee! I gotta go pee so bad right now!
    4. How you gonna fart on the heater, bro? That's nasty! You cooking farts over there!
    5. I don't listen to him, man.... I got some great ideas... I'm sure you do... What about my feelings?... I ain't worried about that, there ain't no feelings in football
    6. We got some hungry dogs over here. I'm hungry man! I don't want no crackers!
    7. Marcus! Put the shoe on! Put it on!
    NFL players are very funny! If you enjoyed "NFL Stars read their own superlatives" video by The Tonight Show, NFL Intros on Saturday Night Live, or Best celebrations in Football vines, you'll love this video.
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