Losing the Battle

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 25, 2018
  • If you are in need of help, please reach out:
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    Canada: +1 416-408-4357, +1 514-723-4000
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    We've had a lot of ups and downs over the years, but today is, without question, the saddest day in the history of the Theorist community. We've lost a friend and team member, Ronnie "Oni" Edwards. For those who don't know, Ronnie has worked on this channel longer than anyone, hosting his own show as well as editing a HUGE number of the videos you've watched. In six years of working together, he contributed so much to what The Game Theorists is today. His loss is one that comes after years of him bravely working to move beyond the trauma of his past, fighting an internal battle every day, a battle that eventually became too much for him. This video is to honor his memory and remind everyone out there who also struggles with anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts to reach out and keep talking because YOU ARE NOT ALONE...even when it feels like you are.

    We'll miss you, Ronnie.

    Digressing and Sidequesting: https://bit.ly/1rxBUgz
  • Source: https://youtu.be/cWTEE4SkCLY
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  • zBeast Gaming

    zBeast Gaming

     2 hours ago


  • Jack Coma

    Jack Coma

     3 hours ago

    what did he mean he had to make this video because they found out "something might be wrong" ?

  • Coial theClown

    Coial theClown

     4 hours ago

    At least he is safe now, home, mabey even thinking about us. We can only hope.

  • William Boivin

    William Boivin

     7 hours ago

    We will all remember Ronnie and he will always be in are hearts, don’t make the same decision as him, it’s your choice. We love you Ronnie...

  • Kaden Wemhoff

    Kaden Wemhoff

     9 hours ago +1


  • Arwen Miah

    Arwen Miah

     10 hours ago

    Wait...why is my comment highlighted...?
    Sorry,I'm a bit of a numb skull so you're going to have to explain....

  • Halo Fanboy

    Halo Fanboy

     14 hours ago

    I can’t stop crying

  • L O V E

    L O V E

     14 hours ago

    Sorry to hear bro. God bless. Praying for you.
    If anyone feels like ending their life..don't do it! Your life is worth more than you know.
    God made you for a purpose. Seek Him.
    End the sin in your life. And those thoughts of ending yourself.
    That is just the devil lying to you telling you you are not worth it.
    Don't listen to Him.
    Seek a relation with Christ.
    He will help you through itvall. He loves you so much.
    He died and resurrected for you to have a relation with God and he saved us from hell.
    Jesus is the only way to heaven.
    You can go to church for counsel and prayer.
    Going to God in prayer is the best place.
    And reading his word. The Holy Bible.
    He can heal those wounds that words can't.
    If you need to...call the suicide hotline.
    Reach out. God bless.

  • Smaugy. Does plush toys

    Smaugy. Does plush toys

     19 hours ago

    I I'll miss Ronnie he was the best editor I have ever seen

  • daniel Mendoza

    daniel Mendoza



  • Vortex 1

    Vortex 1

     yesterday +2

    Im sorry, but thankyou for making this, this video sparked something in me, the spark that I kindled into a flame of hope which keeps me going, and will help me get over the stage in my life that I feel most alone. Thankyou.

  • Thought Addict

    Thought Addict

     yesterday +1

    Every emotion and every thought and every desire is what makes a person who they are. What a person does can affect another person. You know what I do with loss? I look back and say thank you for being there even if they haven't done much to me or my life. Why would I say thank you to the dead? Because I am thanking them for trying to fit in, for trying to be friends, for trying to look into others and support others. I thank them not just because they did something nice to me, but they tried to be nice to others. That's the thing I always try to be happy about. I am not happy that they are dead, but that they have tried living a happy life. For there is a joy that everyone expresses no matter how small of a joy they have expressed in a dark/ sad life. They had happy moments no matter how small. A lot of things a person does matter to others no matter how small. In the end, even if a person had a sad life a person had their precious happy moments

  • Dragon Blade

    Dragon Blade


    Who ever hates this vid s evil

  • JollySlade


     2 days ago

    I have been depressed since 7 years old and I'm now 14

  • Ronald Daly

    Ronald Daly

     2 days ago

    From one Ronnie to other I am sorry for you lose. By how you described him he sounds like an amazing person. There goes one more shining story out of the night sky of life.

  • doodle dog

    doodle dog

     2 days ago

    I came back to watch this again unsure why.. maybe to view comments but the first 20 seconds in I had tears in my eyes..

  • Veljko A

    Veljko A

     2 days ago +3

    The people who disliked this video I hope you break yuor legs on your wedding!!! You monsters!!

  • RayRexDex


     3 days ago +1

    oh, sorry

  • cecilox21


     3 days ago +1


  • Amanda Rossow

    Amanda Rossow

     3 days ago +1

    MatPat you will get though this