Giving Harvard Students an iPhone 11 If They Can Answer THIS Question

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  • Published on:  Sunday, November 3, 2019
  • Giving strangers the iPhone 11 for answering this question. I went to Harvard University and I gave new iPhone 11's to anyone who knew the answers ;)


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  • Cisco Gomez

    Cisco Gomez

     25 minutes ago

    “Let’s go with Venus bc it rhymes with p*nis”😂

  • MaddoxX Snooker

    MaddoxX Snooker

     39 minutes ago

    Rip to those who think this is not a scripted video

  • TwiTzy


     52 minutes ago


  • Spark leys

    Spark leys

     an hour ago +1

    These guys go to Harvard they have already a bright future ahead, why dont you give free stuff for people in need instead?

  • Simply Mscham

    Simply Mscham

     an hour ago

    Is it just me or does Noah look like Alex or Alan stokes?

  • Karina Vazquez

    Karina Vazquez

     an hour ago +1

    I was brushing my teeth while watching this and I set my phone on the sink counter with the water on and my phone fell in it at least it still works 👍

  • ari h

    ari h

     an hour ago

    “Venus cause it rhymes with penis”

  • TMD Manic D

    TMD Manic D

     an hour ago

    When he said “I’m a broke college student” what do all the videos of all tech mean? Giving out iPhones doesn’t sound broke...

  • BL1TZ _TV

    BL1TZ _TV

     an hour ago +1

    Venus, cause it rhymes with penis 😂😂😂😂

  • Jorge Bahena

    Jorge Bahena

     an hour ago

    Esto si es motivación

  • Namjin Bangtan

    Namjin Bangtan

     an hour ago

    I only answered venus

  • Campbell Bassett

    Campbell Bassett

     an hour ago

    Her friend in the the background ligit has and yellow iPhone 11 in his hand😂

  • Niyala P

    Niyala P

     an hour ago

    I would’ve lost the first round & I’m a junior in college smh

  • evo tme

    evo tme

     an hour ago

    Bok Choy.

  • Brent Talbert

    Brent Talbert

     an hour ago

    Thought it was baby shark I would have missed that last one

  • Chel Angelle

    Chel Angelle

     an hour ago

    I've never even heard of despacito until this video. And I still don't understand WHY it is most viewed lol

  • Ana Mesa ochoa

    Ana Mesa ochoa

     2 hours ago

    Wow I got the math one right I'm so happy and I'm just in 6th grade

  • connor donaldson

    connor donaldson

     2 hours ago

    8:24 are ppl in harvard that damn dumb. Im a failing hs student and i can answer this

  • Jennifer Di

    Jennifer Di

     2 hours ago

    I got the Math, Science and Pop Culture questions coz I'm not american and can't answer the History and Geography questions. Hahaha.

  • Jack


     2 hours ago