Jess and Rory The Beginning

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 22, 2016
  • Jess and Rory the start of their epic romance. Also they are ENDGAME, the Netflix revival will see to that
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  • Lily Cash

    Lily Cash

     3 days ago +1

    why does her voice bother me? seems like she's trying to sound young and innocent. i'm uncomfortable

  • Tania H

    Tania H

     5 days ago

    18:17 tho

  • Maigan Paterson

    Maigan Paterson

     7 days ago

    the revival DID NOT see to it. Team Jess is sad

  • Donna Bowen

    Donna Bowen

     7 days ago +1

    I loved this show and I just love their banter

  • Karma Karma

    Karma Karma

     7 days ago

    I wanted Jess so much.

  • Ivan Lendl

    Ivan Lendl

     14 days ago

    What's the song playing at 2:10 ???

  • Gabby Cuvin

    Gabby Cuvin

     14 days ago

    i literally spoiled myself on some scenes here bUT i needed this!! TEAM JESS ALL THE WAY!

  • Renatenha


     14 days ago

    They were perfect for each other

  • Sam


     14 days ago


  • Harley Quinn

    Harley Quinn

     21 days ago +1

    I mean the flirting is kind of cute for a second but overall, hes so immature which would be so exhausting to deal with in the long run. They both are so indirect and immature, it's horrible

  • Bella G

    Bella G

     28 days ago

    I was talking about this to my mom last night. But Jess always gives her an out “ are you going to go get him?”
    “ no let’s go,” < a tisket a tasket

    And there is plenty of times that he actually gives her an out or asks if she is still with Dean. Jess may not have been the best but in the end she chose to leave Dean and to break his heart.
    I feel like people forget that he actually gave her plenty of chances to not go to the picnic and not do that. “Why did you call? I’m glad you did”

  • Leah Hall

    Leah Hall

     28 days ago

    Yo what series is this

  • Hiana Silva

    Hiana Silva

     1 months ago


  • tanyaradzwa katsumbe

    tanyaradzwa katsumbe

     1 months ago

    whats the name of this show?

  • Elle


     1 months ago

    So my guy Jack was in here

  • Nobody Important

    Nobody Important

     1 months ago

    I have to say the lead up to their relationship, like all the chemistry and chase was better than them together, I mean I love both tho!!!! Team Jess all the way

  • Nicholas Chavez

    Nicholas Chavez

     1 months ago +1

    He would have never had clothes around me if I was in rory's place. Honestly.

  • Lateisha


     1 months ago

    They cannot get together, if Lorelai and Luke get married, Rory will be Jess' cousin.

  • lizzie Grace

    lizzie Grace

     1 months ago

    Love jess and rory together

  • Ksenija Koprivica

    Ksenija Koprivica

     1 months ago

    Still sad they didn't end up together