The Tastiest Fried Chicken I've Ever Eaten

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 9, 2017
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  • Lykara Atkins

    Lykara Atkins

     7 hours ago

    9:04 the way he bit that sandwich was like yea come here my taste buds is ready lol

  • Psychedelic


     9 hours ago +1

    Looks like I’ll be taking the next flight to L.A......

  • .



    Redhead guy is a Bitch.

  • karthik rox

    karthik rox


    Why tf does the queer dude orgasm everytime he tries the food?

  • Copenhagen Vitug

    Copenhagen Vitug

     3 days ago

    Lets be honest Rie's chicken is the best

  • Crystal Shorting

    Crystal Shorting

     3 days ago

    1:00 miss me with that gay shit

  • Karanpreet Mann

    Karanpreet Mann

     4 days ago

    gobble gobble is a turkey not a chicken

  • Fast Speedster

    Fast Speedster

     4 days ago

    Why does the blue shirt on the guy say buzzfeed while this channel is tasty

  • Adam Huynh

    Adam Huynh

     4 days ago

    Funny how all of the chef owners had tattoos on them 😂😂😂

  • ASMR Slime

    ASMR Slime

     4 days ago

    Other videos: I like burgers
    This video : Me: OK SHE DOES LIKE BURGERS!!

  • Nhung Nguyen

    Nhung Nguyen

     4 days ago +1

    They need to do more than this

  • Abbas Al-Bannai

    Abbas Al-Bannai

     4 days ago

    And now I'm super hungry

  • SKT juks

    SKT juks

     4 days ago

    Dont you know what chickenjoy is

  • kwishyjayy c

    kwishyjayy c

     4 days ago +1

    Filipino kids be like Jollibee is da best 😂

  • disaster bi

    disaster bi

     5 days ago

    wish these places used halal chicken so i could actually go and try it

  • Rayan Irfan

    Rayan Irfan

     5 days ago

    Best fried chicken is of red rooster

  • Aʂɱσԃҽυʂ YT

    Aʂɱσԃҽυʂ YT

     5 days ago

    Alexis must be BurgerQueen

  • AbYss


     5 days ago

    7:03 I feel like I know the background music, it’s so familiar

  • maria piracha

    maria piracha

     5 days ago

    Plz more videos like this as🙆

  • R.B.


     5 days ago

    it's midnight and im so hungry, should stop watching these videos