Conan Encounters Greenland’s Sea Creatures - CONAN on TBS

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 4, 2019
  • After witnessing an interspecies sea orgy, Conan’s guide invites him to dine on whale skin and seal fat.

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  • Royal Jester

    Royal Jester


    Conan definitely knows his history. As a fan of history, it makes me like him more.

  • Ryan Forecast

    Ryan Forecast

     5 days ago

    I hate this whole American cultural naivity as a joke thing... it's so disrespectful to the country and its locals, why can't conan just dial it down and be witty instead?

  • originas 85

    originas 85

     6 days ago

    Kyala is cute, guiness girl is cute, this lady is cute, next....

  • There is no name

    There is no name

     7 days ago

    She looks like a female Michael Reevs

  • KsuhDilla


     7 days ago

    I appreciate the continuation of the running joke of purchasing Greenland throughout all of his skit in Greenland. It added much more depth to his skit.

  • Clarence Kitonga

    Clarence Kitonga

     7 days ago

    CHECK OUT THAT CHICKS TAT IN 4:59 shes at the right on her neck

  • Nandhita Narendratmaja

    Nandhita Narendratmaja

     7 days ago

    She looks like Michael Reeves

  • Lester Laoagan

    Lester Laoagan

     7 days ago

    How can American be sure that Greenland will be part of America when purchased. Philippines was bought by America but our country is not part of my America.

  • Terence Michaels

    Terence Michaels

     7 days ago

    Thank you so much Conan and team for making me laugh out loud. Wonderful.

  • Always Right

    Always Right

     7 days ago

    Trump makes a sarcastic joke about buying Greenland to troll the fake news media, and dumbshit brainless liberals like Conan fall for it! Hilarious!

  • Natalie Norman

    Natalie Norman

     7 days ago

    Note to self: I might not last long as a raw vegan in Greenland.....

  • Juan E. A. V.

    Juan E. A. V.

     7 days ago

    Yo anyone gonna say goes Vivi (I'm guessing that how its seplt) is made pretty

  • Jimmy Green

    Jimmy Green

     14 days ago

    The US used to be so respected after WW2, now look at them the most hated country on the planet

  • Docentino


     14 days ago

    That lady has 7 children? What's going on there? She barely looks 30.

  • rokai nakalevu

    rokai nakalevu

     14 days ago

    "yeah, yeah, why not"

  • wsmoon


     14 days ago

    I would like for Conan to encounter the liberal lunatics in the usa. I know Conan it would be too scary and your masters that are unmoral, evil fascist would fire you. I use to like you kinda years ago but now you are like used toilet paper to me that should be thrown away.

  • 9 hundred

    9 hundred

     14 days ago

    3:06 perfect!!

  • miro d

    miro d

     14 days ago

    That little kid hit us with the whoa 😂



     14 days ago +1

    Conan’s knowledge about helicopter was wonderful...

  • Ican FeeLIt

    Ican FeeLIt

     14 days ago

    i like how Conan didn't eat the whale on camera cause of PR haha u little girl Coco