BTS video memes part 6

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  • Published on:  Saturday, February 24, 2018
  • Back with another bts video meme! woohoo! Instagram:Personal: @coneychiiwaVlog Channel: coupon code 'KpopMemes' to get 10 off on cokodive! I highly recommend them! Very Affordable and free shipping worldwide ;)Get kpop merch and cute Japanese/Korean styled clothes!
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  • Kookie Smile Plz

    Kookie Smile Plz

     a years ago +353

    I have one question how could people not like BTS HUH ??

  • Kitten Sonyeondan

    Kitten Sonyeondan

     a years ago +499

    Oh my gosh! I hope you get enough to go to Japan! It'll be fun! It's a beautiful place. (Haven't been but I've seen pictures and done a report on it) I'd help get you money, but I don't make any! T-T Good luck~!

  • im in utopia

    im in utopia

     a years ago +264

    work hard and fight for your dreams ❤

  • Katy Howell

    Katy Howell

     a years ago +276

    2:40 Boi, that's not how you're supposed to pull out an arrow...

  • MDOI 1

    MDOI 1

     a years ago +77


  • u jimIN theres no JimOUT grab a suga kookie n sit

    u jimIN theres no JimOUT grab a suga kookie n sit

     a years ago +62

    6:26 I stopped everything I was doing for this part I was about to eat a chip if I would've I'm pretty sure I would've choked lol wasn't expecting that (tae is my bias) I feel attacked

  • Haneul is a hard stan

    Haneul is a hard stan

     a years ago +32

    6:27 is he even real?!😐

  • nct in the house

    nct in the house

     a years ago +80

    i never laughed so hard :')
    good luck on going abroad!
    you can make it,fighting!

  • Serenularity


     a years ago +82

    Idk you can do garage sales and sell stuff that you don't use or care about anymore...

  • Suga’s Kookie

    Suga’s Kookie

     a years ago +91

    I'm sorry I can't help you with a good idea but I am very happy you uploaded and I wish you good luck on your trip in Japan.
    Fighting 😁❤️

  • logy kpop lover

    logy kpop lover

     a years ago +44

    Iam really don't know how hard it is to get mony but i hope you can do your dreams😊

  • encitiindahaus Jungwoo

    encitiindahaus Jungwoo

     a years ago +55

    You MAKE ME SO HAPPY!!!😂😁

  • Amiee H

    Amiee H

     a years ago +23

    I really hope you get to study abroad. It’s a really good experience! 🇯🇵❤️

  • Anusha San

    Anusha San

     a years ago +35

    Wow you're so passionate about going to Japan to study. And I admire you for the fact that you're trying to save up so much money on your own. I will try to donate but I'm a high school student too so I need to ask parents before using their credit card. And..
    1. well you can try taking online surveys and quizzes that pay you for that.
    2. maybe make a funding page on other sites as well like patron.
    3. Become affiliates with online shops like kpop stores, merch stores, etc. You might earn tad but from that too.
    And I found this site which tells some really good ways to earn money as a student.
    Hope that could be of some help. Hwaiting!
    Edit: I also found this
    Although it says India but really these things work for everyone.

  • Mitra Vinda

    Mitra Vinda

     a years ago +17

    OMG V at the end!!!😍😍😍 Is he even real😲

  • Jazeara Burden

    Jazeara Burden

     a years ago +26

    I donated 20$ cuz that’s all I can give rn but I hope u get what u need!!! Good luck❤️

  • Leonardo DiCaprisun

    Leonardo DiCaprisun

     a years ago +14

    1:21 .....

  • MT Nada

    MT Nada

     a years ago +17

    GOOD LUCK <3 fight for ur dreams

  • Aiyanique


     a years ago +7

    Wish I could go to Japan with you. Good luck on your trip!

  • waifuthepeach


     a years ago +14

    Its amazing that u r gonna go to Japan! Don't worry we can wait for videos to come! c: 💗