♪ RICK AND MORTY SONG - Animation Rap Parody

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  • Morty is sick of Rick's sh*t and challenges him to a rap battle.
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    ►Written & Voiced by Logan Hugueny-Clark https://www.thvideos.net/user/lhugueny
    ►Animated by Dewald de la Rey https://www.thvideos.net/user/eieproduksies
    ►Instruments by Niklas Johansson


    Morty quit looking at p**n for a second and come downstairs to the garage, I need your help with something.

    Aww geez. Give me a freakin’ break. It's not porn Rick, I’m watching LHUGUENY videos if you must know.

    Oh god, that’s much worse. You should’ve just said you were watching p**n instead, I wouldn’t even have judged you for that Morty.

    You know what, that’s it Rick, I’m tired of you always putting me down.

    Quit being such a p***y and get over it, what are you gonna do, fight me in a rap battle to prove you’re right?

    Well, maybe. Yeah, you know what, I will. Screw you Rick. And, I’m gonna kick your a**.

    Ooooohhh. Alright then, let’s do this. But I have to warn you Morty, you’re about to get Rick’d!

    I love you Morty.


    No. You’re replaceable.
    Use my invention to replace you with a new you from a new dimension.
    You should kiss my a**, thankful that I’m on your team,
    If it wasn’t for me you would’ve been r***d by King Jellybean.
    You make bad decisions into a form of art,
    Just like the time you had to save a mind reading fart.
    Your h*rny teen angst forces me into s****y situations
    Like forcing Jessica to love you which turned mankind into mutations.
    I throw kicka** parties while you freak out like a wuss,
    You shed tears for Abrodolf Lincler, further proving you’re a p***.
    I slay hive-minded chicks, I stick my d**k where danger looms,
    Meanwhile you jerk yourself off all alone inside your room.
    You’re just a prepubescent boy with a J***** writer’s name,
    I’m a god in multiple realities, redefine the meaning of fame.
    If it wasn’t for me you’d still be infected by the memory stealing parasite,
    You said it, episode 301, Rick always knows what’s right!

    Hey you’re taking that out of context. What I said then doesn’t refer to this, plus you weren’t even there, how do you even know I said that?

    Because I know everything and I’m always right b***h! My rap just took a s**t on you Morty. Wubbalubadubdub!

    Why do you even say that like it's cool? Bird Person said that it means you’re in great pain. You’ve obviously got some deep seeded issues or something.

    I am in great pain Morty. From you, being a great pain in my a**.

    That’s it Rick, you’re going down you son of a b***h.

    This aggression you're feeling is just a chemical reaction caused when male mammals’ balls force them to try to prove how big they are to other males. And I’m pretty sure that your balls are like you Morty, small, shriveled, and pathetic, so, good luck.

    God Rick, you’re such a d*ck.
    Up your butt lives a sharp a** stick.
    Abandoned your daughter, returned why bother?
    Cause of you Beth divorced, a fate worse than slaughter.
    Must really hate yourself to have killed other yous so many times,
    But there’s one thing that’s more deadly which is Morty’s bad*ss rhymes.
    You turned yourself into a pickle just to skip our family therapy,
    Your butt is loose from too many seeds from an inter-galactic tree.
    You destroyed our home world long ago back in our old dimension,
    Which goes to show you're bad at science, you make crappy inventions.
    You’re sick, Rick, you should be committed for taking me on your rides,
    How do you resist the urge to barf when you see our graves outside?
    You get off on the idea of watching Amish felines purge,
    I’d rather get it on with Jessica, fulfill my human urge.
    You suck so bad at stopping time that a testicle came to fix your mess,
    What’s the deal with that whack haircut and the stupid way you dress?
    I could wreck your ass for days but I’ll show mercy, it's time to stop,
    Cause I just mopped the floor with you, peace out, mic drop.

    Whoa d*mn Morty. The prodigal grandson returns. I’m proud of you.

    Wow. Thanks Rick. You really liked it?

    No, that blew, those rhymes were awful and your timing was way off. I totally Rick rolled your ** Morty.
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