SIMON COWELL CRACKS UP!! Stand Up Comedian Gets Everyone Laughing At His Jokes!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 29, 2019
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  • Aysha's Adventures

    Aysha's Adventures

     an hour ago

    I'm crying, this is so great

  • Stupid


     8 hours ago

    Dont worry i also have Tourette syndrome

  • s. Fuoco

    s. Fuoco

     9 hours ago

    He got me when he looked at his wife and daughter and his eyes were so full of love for them 😍

  • Adam Brogan

    Adam Brogan

     15 hours ago


  • wododn lanw

    wododn lanw

     19 hours ago

    he sounds as cool as eminem

  • Josyne Bargy

    Josyne Bargy

     22 hours ago

    EVERYBODY's about to get messy in here!! 😂😂😂😂 Omg!! Hilarious!

  • Flimmy Hoe

    Flimmy Hoe

     23 hours ago


  • Hike Jumalon

    Hike Jumalon


    Looking at him twitch makes me twitch. I don't have tourettes.

  • Zoey Riley

    Zoey Riley


    the guy with terets [idk how to spell that] sounded gay when he was preforming lol

  • Danielle Matthews

    Danielle Matthews


    I love disiblity because I have a rare disiblity called mobies syndrome it affects the eyes down to the chin and I have a speech impediment and most people have it wrist that I do I got it better than most people and I'm happy that I do because we get made fun of really badly because we don't talk like everyone else

    PS if you don't believe that this is really look it up its real

  • Travis Taylor

    Travis Taylor


    This guy is funny until you watch his other videos and realize this is literally the only material he has. He tells the same exact jokes and stories every single video he's in.

  • Shining summer Diamonds

    Shining summer Diamonds


    I’m sorry, Samuel is a crazy guy and a amazing comedian, he sounds like mushu or Ethan trace

  • Mei - Lime

    Mei - Lime

     yesterday +1

    Im confused why... he didnt twitch when he was talkin with people and why he didnt twitch in a couple shows im confusion someone explainnn

  • RegG



    He needs to go on LaffMob

  • saanvi sengupta

    saanvi sengupta


    imagine the bullies like being O_O. and Samuel be like U_U

  • Saishri S Iyer

    Saishri S Iyer

     yesterday +2

    I didn't even laugh for one joke.

  • Saishri S Iyer

    Saishri S Iyer

     yesterday +1

    These were like really lame.

  • Saishri S Iyer

    Saishri S Iyer

     yesterday +1

    I get that he was bullied and he's following his dreams and all that but you gotta be wasn't funny, like at all.

  • Saishri S Iyer

    Saishri S Iyer

     yesterday +1

    This was like really lame tbh

  • Saishri S Iyer

    Saishri S Iyer

     yesterday +1

    I didn't move an inch