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  • Published on:  Thursday, March 29, 2018
  • Jurassic World Evolution is now available to pre-order on PC, Xbox One, and PS4! Build your own Jurassic World, bioengineer new dinosaur breeds, and construct attractions, containment, and research facilities. Every choice leads to a different path and spectacular challenges arise when ‘life finds a way.’

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    About Jurassic World:
    From Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment, Jurassic World immerses audiences of all ages in a new era of wonder and thrills where dinosaurs and humankind must learn to coexist. Jurassic World is set against a global backdrop of diverse locations, with a sprawling story grounded in believable science and populated by distinctive dinosaurs, heroic humans, and cunning villains at both ends of the evolutionary spectrum.

    Cinema's only dinosaur-driven live action franchise, Jurassic World has earned three Academy Awards® and over $3.6 billion worldwide across four films. Its cross- generational appeal can be attributed to audiences' enduring fascination with dinosaurs and boundless imagination, both nurtured by each new installment. Jurassic World is more than a film franchise. It is a larger-than-life destination for exploration, discovery, and epic adventure. Dinosaurs live again, and they live in Jurassic World.

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    Jurassic World Evolution | Pre-Order Now! | Jurassic World

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  • Zulu Dragon

    Zulu Dragon

     9 months ago

    Oh I hate when this happens 0:56

  • Woomy Toons

    Woomy Toons

     10 months ago

    The moment has arrived

  • Joey52307


     11 months ago

    So I did this and I never got my pre order content 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺

  • Joe Star

    Joe Star

     a years ago

    S h u t. U p. A n d. T a k e. M y. M o n e y.

  • Eduardo Figueroa

    Eduardo Figueroa

     a years ago

    Jurassic world I am a big fan I love
    the toys

  • Dino_boii_the_meme_boii Channel

    Dino_boii_the_meme_boii Channel

     a years ago

    Lydia why do u hate me I mean there was a glitch when I tried to pvp I was about to win And in je alive I always get the weakest dinosaurs

  • Bobo is my pet rock Mate

    Bobo is my pet rock Mate

     a years ago

    You guys to get the glitch fixed where Dino’s stick their head through concrete and walk through trees.

  • Krystal Alexander

    Krystal Alexander

     a years ago

    I have the game on ps4

  • Mehmet Sarikaya33ē

    Mehmet Sarikaya33ē

     a years ago

    I have this
    Game on ps4 it's out now

  • Ephraim Mwenda

    Ephraim Mwenda

     a years ago

    Where's the part where the Indominus breaks free and kills everything?... lol

  • Iowan News

    Iowan News

     a years ago

    I love Jurassic World so much I named my cats after it

  • Maxi Fellner

    Maxi Fellner

     a years ago

    I wish it comes for nintendo switch

  • ATLISS Broadcasts

    ATLISS Broadcasts

     a years ago

    The park is now closed for... Reasons

  • Nex


     a years ago

    on switch please :)

  • cengiz guler

    cengiz guler

     a years ago

    https://www.hyperfilmizle.com/jurassic-world-yikilmis-krallik-izle.html turkey full movie

  • Mars


     a years ago

    So if i buy the Deluxe edition (only 4 CHF more) i can already play this game or what? i am so hyped

  • Muk duri

    Muk duri

     a years ago


  • didjamom1979


     a years ago

    visually the game looks stunning but at not even 10gb it's not worth the near $90 price tag

  • Lunar Revel

    Lunar Revel

     a years ago

    Where can i play it on what console ?

  • Saku Raitonen

    Saku Raitonen

     a years ago

    Billion times better than Mesozoica!