The Last Jedi Animated Music Video - Behind The Scenes



  • FlamingDorito 2

    FlamingDorito 2

     a years ago +34

    Logan Thank you for making the best music parodies of video games and movies ever

  • Captain Future Tom

    Captain Future Tom

     a years ago +3

    GOOD JOB DUDE WE ALL LIKE IT accept da Haters DX<

  • luke Ben slimane

    luke Ben slimane

     a years ago +5

    Hey can you do a Call of Duty war War 2 Nazi zombie song

  • Rioter Plays

    Rioter Plays

     a years ago +17

    I know it will be great like always

  • lord Skywalker 101 3.0

    lord Skywalker 101 3.0

     a years ago +3

    Make a Freddy vs Jason the musical

  • Tyler Elm

    Tyler Elm

     a years ago +3

    Resident evil 7 the musical

  • HighScore


     a years ago +9

    The first order reminds me of the nazis for some reason

  • Mark Saad

    Mark Saad

     a years ago +2

    Happy new year, logan.
    Hope you have fun, i guess?
    Edit: i bet you gonna do a reference that phasma is brienne of tarth

  • Katon Roar19

    Katon Roar19

     a years ago +3

    Do Jumaji welcome to the jungle the musical

  • Unspekable/MooseCraft Fan2121

    Unspekable/MooseCraft Fan2121

     a years ago +3

    I always love your animations Logan that u make I have watch every song on your channel and I like all of them. I am glad that u made this channel and I can't wait to see your animations in 2018!!

  • Epic Music Movie

    Epic Music Movie

     a years ago +35

    Star Wars + LHUGUENY = Great Video

  • THEGOOGOOGAMER awesomeman0145

    THEGOOGOOGAMER awesomeman0145

     a years ago +2

    lhugueny is there any way to make you stop being awesome?🤔 😄

  • young alexplays

    young alexplays

     a years ago +3

    God video hope you have a happy New year

  • Seszer 06

    Seszer 06

     a years ago +4

    Music sounds good!

  • David Xarkow

    David Xarkow

     a years ago +3

    Lhugeny,can you make hello neighbor the musical for every fan of this game,if you do this,we will be very glad and happy,so i hope you will hear or read it

  • Robert Brown

    Robert Brown

     a years ago +3

    Make a musical about your life

  • Mr. .Doggo yt

    Mr. .Doggo yt

     a years ago +3

    Best of alll songs

  • Sophie Rocks

    Sophie Rocks

     a years ago +2

    Wow,i cant wait!This vid is going to be amazing!Keep up the good work!🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • Winter


     a years ago +13

    Happy new year LHUGUENY!

  • lord Skywalker 101 3.0

    lord Skywalker 101 3.0

     a years ago +2

    You make the best music