Turning Trash into CASH!!! $5 Rusty Axe Restoration

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 11, 2019
  • This is my first Axe Restoration experiment ever. I picked up this axe for $5 at the local flea market. I wanted to make something unique, so I decided to electro-etch a design in the axe head. I then went in with a rotary tool to bore out the etch even deeper and giving it a unique roughed up effect. For the handle, I constructed it similar to a knife with a full steel tang running throughout the handle. For the scales I used a beautiful pieces of Walnut and Maple. I really liked how this axe turned out and I enjoyed restoring it (But enjoyed testing it even more). Let me know what you think!

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  • BM Sculptures

    BM Sculptures

     14 days ago +136

    I think my next video I will take out all the music so you can hear just the tools working in timelapse. What do you guys think?

  • promontorium


     an hour ago

    $200 in labor, another $100 in parts/supplies. $30 at Home Depot! But still good work.

  • Pete Urbann

    Pete Urbann

     3 hours ago

    Have someone make a leather blade cover with the same design as the blade.

  • ashley collard

    ashley collard

     4 hours ago

    you could laser etch the mask for the pattern :)

  • Richard Shaw

    Richard Shaw

     6 hours ago

    Beautiful work I hope your proud of this because it's awesome

  • Jay Sanders

    Jay Sanders

     6 hours ago

    OK I can find thousands of the double bit and single bit axes around me. What does something like that sale for?

  • Ernest Sanne

    Ernest Sanne

     11 hours ago

    Why but why did you take that fine piece of art and use it .... no no no it should’ve been mounted and never used.
    It turned out beautiful I hope using it didn’t cause damage.

  • Mike C

    Mike C

     12 hours ago

    How many hours did this take...

  • Dennis Metzger

    Dennis Metzger

     12 hours ago

    This is great talent. At first I thought the axe head was engraved. Great work. As to those expressing concerns about the cost of the tools. Everything he did other than the acid etch can all be done with hand tools. Just slower more work. The man is a talent.

  • Laura Ross

    Laura Ross

     15 hours ago

    Take that Cantaloupe! Take that orange soda!

  • Jonathan C

    Jonathan C

     22 hours ago

    beautiful work that is also quite handy in a cabin

  • renan neubauer

    renan neubauer



  • Atanas Sotirov

    Atanas Sotirov


    Enchanted Axe of Invincibility!

  • Hauskins



    Really nice project, with one flaw that catches my eye.
    Gap between the handle and the axe head.

    Grats, hope the next one comes out even better.

  • Logan Thompson

    Logan Thompson

     yesterday +1

    You did an awesome job, well done man really!

  • 1donagin


     2 days ago

    I was right there until he chopped a perfectly good $1.50 bottle of orange soda. People - wake up! This isn't a $5 axe anymore - it is a $6.50 axe.

  • Jeffrey Romine

    Jeffrey Romine

     2 days ago

    I would like to know what paper you were using to stincel and pencil to place on axe how?

  • Jeffrey Romine

    Jeffrey Romine

     2 days ago

    Yeh but how much time and material you git in in that for very little return people don't wanna path for shit

  • Raymond Studinarz

    Raymond Studinarz

     2 days ago

    Dude the axe is beautiful!

  • Jak Silver

    Jak Silver

     2 days ago

    beautiful looking wall hanger!