Can Sea Water Desalination Save The World?

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 16, 2019
  • Today, one out of three people don’t have access to safe drinking water. And that’s the result of many things, but one of them is that 96.5% of that water is found in our oceans. It’s saturated with salt, and undrinkable. Most of the freshwater is locked away in glaciers or deep underground. Less than one percent of it is available to us. So why can’t we just take all that seawater, filter out the salt, and have a nearly unlimited supply of clean, drinkable water?

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    Can Sea Water Desalination Save The World?
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  • Lorax Dave Walters

    Lorax Dave Walters

     3 hours ago

    This is my favorite solution. Also, there's several ways to desalinate water. For RO desalination they should use the effluent for industrial purposes.

    Thermal desalination can use stainless steel pipes, one way valves and magnifying glasses or fernel lenses to use sunlight. By making a mechanical system that only needs daylight, existing resivoirs could be used. It's just to inexpensive of an option, so nobody talks about it.

  • TravelIndiaAllTheWay


     3 hours ago

    Use the wave energy. Harvest its kinetic energy to "distill" the salt water. Kinetic energy of the waves need to be converted to heat. Distilled water is similar to rain water and can be used for irrigation. More details at:

  • Denio Cerqueira

    Denio Cerqueira

     5 hours ago

    Let’s do that, we already dumped all the trash in the oceans. GOD is looking down on us and thinking, I should’ve had given Earth to the Martians. Humans doesn’t deserve it.

  • dionushs tsaknis

    dionushs tsaknis

     5 hours ago

    the only energy problem real is our brain.... u have sun to desalinate water and take salt the same time without any energy needed.... we are just dump... we have problem with the ice meting so take water out of sea.. desalinate it with sun vaporasion and take the salt.... whats ur problem????

  • R j Life

    R j Life

     8 hours ago

    No it can't solve our problem boz people don't understand what they have and they are divided by the country , by the religion and buy the availability of resources they can buy and that's why we will loose
    There is a chance we can win by acting all together as a world not as individual country
    Or etc

  • zEropoint68


     9 hours ago

    no, it will probably just ruin the sea. given how literally every other thing humans have ever done has turned out, it will just further hasten the biological death of the planet.

  • LaserSharkSushi


     12 hours ago

    Oh no guys. We used all the salt up, now all the ocean life is dead. Oof.

  • P C

    P C

     12 hours ago

    Ok but were do you put the collected salt?

  • christopher kettler

    christopher kettler

     14 hours ago

    We should have a system sucking salt water from the ocean use geo thermol heat to change the water to fresh and dump in to a river that uses it to create hydro electric before it comes to rest in a Reservoir where it can than be used for water supply

  • joe mcmillan

    joe mcmillan

     14 hours ago

    What does Greta think?

  • Han Zhang

    Han Zhang

     14 hours ago

    1st law of thermal dynamic has left the chat.

  • Curtis Daniel

    Curtis Daniel

     15 hours ago

    Couldn't some enterprising chemists figure out uses for some (or all)of the brine before sending it back to the sea?

  • SilverSlayer23


     16 hours ago

    Why not just store the brine and turn it into pure salt ? It's not rocket science. It's just extra lazy to dump it back into the ocean.

  • Elite Mangudai

    Elite Mangudai

     16 hours ago

    Does reverse osmosis not lead to distilled water?

    If salt is extracted so are all the minerals I imagine.

  • Ness -

    Ness -

     19 hours ago

    Why don't they just do a two part system where they separate fresh water and brine
    Then they remove salt content in the brine until it reaches sea salt level
    And they reuse and refine that salt as a product



     21 hours ago

    Fun fact Flint Michigan still doesn't have clean water

  • Peter Zurich

    Peter Zurich

     21 hours ago

    I am developing a process using ambient muons which is showing promise.

  • KiiNG



    I had to Pause at 2:51. My beautiful city.

  • robert moore

    robert moore


    Desalination will happen. It doesnt matter how much it costs. You cant drink money. Various countries have had bread riots in the past. Water riots are equally realistic unless steps are taken.

  • E3 Johnson

    E3 Johnson

     yesterday +2

    Our ya aircraft carriers already have this technology even some cruise ships have it to