How to Cook a Ribeye Steak

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, February 13, 2018
  • So you want to know how to cook a ribeye steak? Well your in the right place. In 2015 we won the world steak championship and these are the techniques that we use at the time. So enjoy and please let us know what your think of out video Hot to cook a ribeye steak.

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    Pit Barrel Cooker:
    Victorinox 12" Pro Slicing Knife:
    Weber Kettle:
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    Big Green Egg Vent:
    PK Grill:
    PK Grill Grates:

    This video was filmed on a Canon 80D:

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  • Chad Korrigan

    Chad Korrigan

     3 hours ago

    Aren’t they cold after sitting for 20 minutes??????

  • primalfury2011



    How hot should the bbq be. ???

  • Ra L

    Ra L


    I've never had a ribeye It looks tasty!

  • Sam Aycock

    Sam Aycock

     2 days ago

    I don’t want sear marks, I want the entire thing seared. There’s nothing attractive about grill marks to me.

  • wanjis


     3 days ago

    This was a lot of work

  • knotkool1


     3 days ago

    what a sniveling pos. you suck koshmo. only poofter, douchebags enter and brag about stupid cooking competitions. 99% of us just want to cook and eat. will not use your method or your products.

  • An Doli

    An Doli

     3 days ago

    So many things done wrong. Easy to fix though. Let those coals get white. Never mentioned the specific of "How to pick out the best ribeye in the market" Some are much better than others. All how you read the marbling. Chefs know this. Backyard grillers don't.
    On and on.

  • Mmm Cccc

    Mmm Cccc

     3 days ago

    What is that thermometer? It is not in the list.

  • Giant Killer

    Giant Killer

     3 days ago +2

    That was the greatest steak I never saw... 💔😭

  • materialclassified *

    materialclassified *

     4 days ago

    Thank you for these tips, I will definitely put them in to use.

  • Chad Blackwell

    Chad Blackwell

     5 days ago

    Trying your method tonight. Added wood chunks for the first time. Finished the bbq. I’m ready!

  • Steve's Jerky

    Steve's Jerky

     7 days ago +2

    HOO DANG DIDDLY DANG! You don't know sh*t about cooking steaks, and no amount of equally unqualified judges that decided to hand you some trinkets to hang on your wall is ever going to change that.

  • J


     7 days ago +1

    not worth watching. he doesn't even eat the steak. lmao

  • Leonardo Summers

    Leonardo Summers

     7 days ago +1

    you screwed up the ending pal

  • ooze fang

    ooze fang

     7 days ago

    people who check the temp of the meat are weak sissy coward, wtf are afraid of? getting sick from what you cook? chicken shit

  • Rodney Miller

    Rodney Miller

     7 days ago

    Why not use lump charcoal? I always get a fuel taste when I use what you do. I use Royal Oak.

  • Kitchen Gangster

    Kitchen Gangster

     7 days ago

    My type of shit!! No fancy Gordon Ramsay bullshit! I’m positive that taste excellent!!!

  • Furtruck MVP

    Furtruck MVP

     7 days ago

    Thanks for the great cooking skills. You are so right about the heat.. It's frustrating to me that I spend $ 8-12 on coal to cook a cut for me alone, Oh well... P.S. it's Feb. put your hummingbird feeder away.:) :)

  • lawrence aderneck

    lawrence aderneck

     7 days ago

    I like them burnt on the outside and rare in the middle

  • Mike Playz

    Mike Playz

     7 days ago +3

    He's a good cook but he's missing one thing a nice cold beer...