Molten Aluminum vs Liquid Nitrogen (& Dry Ice!)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 21, 2016
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    Pouring molten aluminum into liquid nitrogen and dry ice are my most requested videos, so today you finally get to see what happens!
    Thanks to FLIR for sending me a real thermal camera to use in my videos, heres the camera I used
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  • Ninja


     6 months ago +831

    Please wear protective gear lol

  • anthony mabunay jr

    anthony mabunay jr


    3:55 chicory 1000 birds

  • Mitchell Béland-Pleau

    Mitchell Béland-Pleau


    This is beacuse of the leldenfrost effect

  • Ted Nugent

    Ted Nugent

     6 days ago

    Ever through dry ice in a big deep fryer? I have, they fired me from that restaurant.

  • Adam Alexiadis

    Adam Alexiadis

     7 days ago

    4:03 Dayum dat noise

  • Wanda H

    Wanda H

     7 days ago

    4:04 Rubber duck

  • Spiritworker


     7 days ago

    The phrase missing in this video is Leidenfrost Effect

  • Ms. Kuchisaké

    Ms. Kuchisaké

     14 days ago

    King of Random also poured molten aluminium on dry ice, with the same effect.
    They had to make a hole in the ice first to have any effect.

  • rimonius


     14 days ago

    I love the experiments, BUT your not protective yourself enough. Please think more and wear more men, eye protection, gloves, overall. etc..... . Your life is more important then this video's

  • crippling depression

    crippling depression

     14 days ago

    Now put molten aluminum into dry ice.

    Oh wait

  • quack quack

    quack quack

     21 days ago

    -Now that there's a deeper hole i started doing this again
    -Backyard scientists 2016

  • mike r.

    mike r.

     21 days ago +1

    "The remote pouring device" 😂
    A string and bucket haha

  • Iljas Bergmann

    Iljas Bergmann

     21 days ago

    Waht if you poor gallium in molten aluminum and let it dry.

  • Youshizzle


     21 days ago

    5:54 looks like a how to basic video lol

  • Da real___ T H A N O S

    Da real___ T H A N O S

     21 days ago +2

    4:00 I was cringing so hard

  • Directing Life 62

    Directing Life 62

     21 days ago

    Red hot thin aluminum vs super cooled aluminum slab, can it create an aluminum glass? If not try in vaccuum

  • Anya Pogi

    Anya Pogi

     21 days ago

    Is this leidenfrost effect? This time it's the cold surface vs boiling solution

  • Isack Clark

    Isack Clark

     28 days ago

    How move money dose he use on metals

  • Jitendra Patil

    Jitendra Patil

     28 days ago

    The Russian Hacker taught me that Safety is number one priority.

  • Joseph Russell

    Joseph Russell

     28 days ago

    Who sees the black screen in the first part of the video when he start doing his intro I don't know but like someone else working for me I'm saying is a black screen and nothing else