How to get unlimited power after SHTF: Solar Generator (Inergy Kodiak)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 23, 2017
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    Glad to have this in my Prepper inventory…so many uses.

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  • City Prepping

    City Prepping

     9 months ago +9

    Get the new Inergy Apex and save by using "CityPrepping" at checkout using this special link:

  • William King

    William King

     4 hours ago

    SHTF and lets watch tv. If it is that bad will tv be available. Or am I picturing End of days scenario?



     14 hours ago


  • Dawn Lorraine Conscious Skincare

    Dawn Lorraine Conscious Skincare


    Where do you get the solar panels?

  • Flora De Canya

    Flora De Canya


    My husband invested in a surplus SKS and a .22 Savage Takedown for when the SHTF. We will be like the millions other earth residents who will be waiting for the help of the armed forces for food, water and medicines although my employer gave me a disaster pack which we have opened already and ate the 2 energy bars because it was starting to spoil. Yes, we have flashlights, bandaids, iodine, and compresses. What good will that do if Kimmy, Vlad, Xi or the mullah started setting off nuclear bombs ? Oh yes, will try to remember to buy some particle masks from the dollar store. 'Goodbye cruel world,' said Benny Hill.

  • shadowdance4666



    Unlimited power
    That sounds so Evil

  • Mark


     2 days ago

    Thanks for sharing this is hands-down what I'm looking for and there's one other so I'm going to buy both this and the other with both can't go wrong one will back up the other either way...👌

  • Chris C

    Chris C

     4 days ago

    first time I have seen a man give a "product pitch" while squatting

  • DK Stoney

    DK Stoney

     4 days ago

    As a prepper, people should think more in terms of what human driven instruments they have on hand. Hand-drill, crank grinder (for meat, etc.), mortar and pestle, and so on. I think you know where I'm going. When SHTF, are you really concerned about the TV to entertain the kids? Do you need a blender? How about some good old brewed coffee? That coffee is going to run out eventually anyhow. Start thinking about life without electricity, then you're a pragmatic prepper.

  • Abe Coulter

    Abe Coulter

     5 days ago

    its not a solar doesn't generate solar

  • Jay Wellz

    Jay Wellz

     7 days ago

    VERY COOL!!!

  • marty martin

    marty martin

     7 days ago

    Will it run a Skill Saw ?

  • Darren Malone

    Darren Malone

     7 days ago

    Excellent presentation... Mellow pros & coma delivery...anf a worthwhile logic to summarize. Thank you.

  • josh bagayas

    josh bagayas

     7 days ago

    its very nice i wish we have that one because we dont have electricity but i cannot afford to buy, i am only a fisherman in small town in philippines. ug naa mi ana happy na kaayo mi sa akong pamillya kay maka hatag nana ug igong kahayag sa among ngitngit nga panimalay...

  • mangreat71


     7 days ago

    Where you get the beat from it's fire if there's a name for it what is it ?

  • PM WTF

    PM WTF

     7 days ago

    I started swaying with 2 amp fridge,. Watt hours though, unless it is connected to a battery backup or other,. It's just a short thrill,. Unless I'm understanding wrong, you don't have unlimited wattage in that box, I mean 1000 Watts I mean 1000 I mean I mean is nothing it's not even worth the hassle of plugging anything in, so whoever bought this thing you better get some backup batteries, I'd rather just sit in the dark for a little while, it's going to run out of power anyway, way before dawn,. No, good sale but, power bank I mean I would not be secure in mind if I have to power necessities for a family of 3-4..... don't be that guy thinking of being a hero,. Get a lot of flash lights to not be hated that day

  • David Sturken

    David Sturken

     7 days ago +1

    Where did you get the bag for the solar panels?

  • H Max

    H Max

     14 days ago

    Now that we no longer have a Socialist President in the white House, does anyone have an update as to when the SHTF is suppose to happen? Anyway. you can built one of these battery backups with less money. Anyone who actually needs one of these will know how to put a DIY one together.

  • kcotte59


     14 days ago

    I had a small refrigerator and it actually used more energy than my 23ft3 side by side with ice maker and ice and water on the door. The little POS used >2 kWh/day like almost 100 watts continuously, The big fridge hardly uses any energy if you don't open the door. Goes for hours using none then it pulls like 60 watts for awhile.

  • shawnwade302


     14 days ago

    Handy device and easily portable but I could make a battery bank with a substantial inverter that has longer lasting power at a substantially lower price.