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  • Published on:  Monday, November 12, 2018
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  • Blue Lemonade

     8 months ago

    I thought she said "Bitch I am solo" instead of "I am a shining solo" ^^'

  • djsvd lenej

     33 minutes ago

    me too

  • Zara Safi

     2 hours ago

    @Cookie Gacha she didn't it's a wordplay

  • Anairis H.

     3 days ago

    This was the first kpop song i ever listened to and then found out jennie is in blackpink and then listened to dududu then i became a BLINK

  • JenJKim KTJ

     2 hours ago

    Anairis H. Welcome honey 😍

  • Ugh j A

     6 hours ago

    haha we have the same scenario

  • my light bts

     4 days ago

    Il ove jennie veri much😍😙😘❤💕💓💕💔💝💞💗💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟

  • Jose Camino

     14 minutes ago

    No Te entiendo ni mierda yo no habló inglés hab español pa que te entienda


     10 hours ago

    does she love you😋

  • 찰Charlotte

     2 days ago

    *This solo debut is massive!!!*I cant wait for other members solo debut!!

  • Marry Me Jisoo

     4 hours ago

    I need a Jisoo solo debut.

  • Katerina the Annoying

     7 hours ago


  • Monick Kingjamz

     2 days ago

    I love Jennie❤❤❤.. She is my bias... If u love Jennie ...hit.. like n comment....

  • Kat Bui

     7 hours ago

    me love jennie. She is my bias wreaker

  • J e r r y

     a months ago

    who’s solo song was better?JENNIE: likeDEMI LOVATO: commenti pick both

  • Naima Haque

     3 hours ago


  • dis dood is weird

     3 hours ago


  • Kpop is a big part of my life


    Jennie is the main rapper but I feel like she doesn't have much rap part in this song and also KTL too.YG please give her more rap🌝 Just my opinion

  • JenJKim KTJ

     2 hours ago

    Kpop is a big part of my life facts i want to see her rapping like Eminem

  • Paula Olivares Flores

     6 hours ago


  • amany_ lisa

     2 days ago

    *Jennie and''Blackpink'' There are lots of Arab blinks love you♡*

  • 7'den 8'e LGS

     6 hours ago

    And turkish blinks

  • Yanni Yanni

     13 hours ago

    amany_ lisa

  • Chanakarn Janyanai

     13 hours ago

    JENNIE - 'SOLO'19/07 6PM KST: 344,573,283 views20/07 6PM KST: 345,133,855 viewstoday 560,572 views

  • Linda xoxo


    I'm so proud of how far my queen came keep going angel