Best of Late Night Wars: Battle for the Tonight Show

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  • Published on:  Friday, October 21, 2016
  • "There never was a Tonight Show. It was Carson." -- Jerry Seinfeld
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     a years ago +1500

    Great video man, great work really quality stuff. It's ridiculous You don't have more subscribers.

  • El Pistolero

    El Pistolero


    Stern is such a hypocrite! He was the most successful shock jock radio and he tried to fuck Opie and Anthony

  • Yam Man

    Yam Man


    I've enjoyed all the talk show hosts at one time or another and I'm obviously not the only one... As for who got or lost a job and when where or why it happened, well that's ultimately not decided by the host is it... So if you don't like someone on tv, CHANGE THE BLOODY CHANNEL...

  • Cody Mailloux

    Cody Mailloux


    Has Jay seen this? Shit I hope so

  • rambam77



    Leno won the battle, Conan won the War.

  • DeeDo



    Holy shit, I’ve always kinda thought Kimmel was a bit of a tool, but major respect for going on Leno’s show and saying all this stuff.

  • M. Brix

    M. Brix

     3 days ago

    So many funny people in that video.

    And Jay Leno is also there.

  • Ong Lu Lu

    Ong Lu Lu

     3 days ago

    All these comedians are/were great talents but still they are only pawns of TV corporations. They had to play along to survive and outlast each other. Showbiz is so relentless.

  • Bravo Seven

    Bravo Seven

     3 days ago

    The clips of Howard is fantastic

  • FadeToBlack


     4 days ago

    is it just me or does Jay Leno look like an older jake paul? Two fuckers trying to weasel by in life

  • blachubear


     5 days ago +1

    Noticed when Johnny & Dave retired, everybody gave their tributes & love back to them. When Leno was shown the door, no tributes or respect from anybody. That's what you get in return when you screwed over people throughout the years.

  • Zico Pwns All

    Zico Pwns All

     5 days ago

    I can’t stand David letterman, he focuses too much on politics, he has no comedic skills

  • Nx Doyle

    Nx Doyle

     5 days ago

    If Jay had felt that he was in the right and had an argument to support that, he wouldn't have just sucked up Kimmel's roasting. He would have squared off. But he wasn't in the right and he didn't have an argument. As soon as Jay said he was going to leave the show in five years' time, Letterman called bullshit. Then Stern called bullshit. And sure enough, there was loads of bullshit.

  • Sebastian Casas

    Sebastian Casas

     5 days ago

    Piano music at the end ?

  • name here

    name here

     6 days ago

    Haters going to hate, Christopher's are going to crucifix.

  • Tyler Jackson

    Tyler Jackson

     6 days ago

    norm macdonald should have been given a show

  • tmbambo88


     7 days ago

    I'm in the lobby if need me. lol

  • beth 9891

    beth 9891

     7 days ago +1

    Lol Kimmel was savage! Loved it.

  • Sam Odisho

    Sam Odisho

     7 days ago

    i think jay and howard should see other people

  • veespa


     7 days ago

    I really appreciate your content, I just subscribed. Thank you for what you do! I’m gonna be binging this stuff all night. 😏😅