Classic Canadian Poutine

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 9, 2018
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  • Cameron


     a years ago +1163

    You don’t mix a poutine. You pile cheese curds on some fries and drown it all in gravy

  • stormbob


     a years ago +1759

    This poutine looks like it was made by a blind person who heard about poutine on TV once 25 years ago but has never seen it or eaten it.

  • MehakGillOfficial


     a years ago +93

    This was so cringy for me as a Canadian. Anyone else with me??

  • Minnie ncube

    Minnie ncube

     a years ago +110

    this is how you trigger Canadians

  • Daly


     a years ago +112


  • Equestrian Sofia

    Equestrian Sofia

     a years ago +1905

    I cringed so hard when they mixed the poutine

  • The Synthwave Maniac

    The Synthwave Maniac

     5 months ago +30

    I came here to see the Canadians slamming Tasty.
    I am not disappointed.

  • Musawar Taseer

    Musawar Taseer

     a years ago +89

    The only changes you can make to poutine are the sweet/saltiness of the gravy, and the toppings (if any). NEVER MIX. Don't make a video about something you've done no research on. Call it poutine and not Classic Canadian Poutine, which by the way has sweet gravy not salty. There is only two things Canadians aren't nice about, poutine and hockey. (I'm Canadian)

  • nooM Moon

    nooM Moon

     21 days ago +9

    As a Canadian I felt personally attacked when they mixed the poutine.

  • Caitlin Marques

    Caitlin Marques

     a years ago +56

    I’m sorry as a Canadian I can say this is not true poutine. It’s suppose to be simple yet tasty and lots of these ingredients I can tell aren’t home style and r a professional chef level. Plus poutine is not and will never be mixed up before serving🇨🇦

  • Alexxe


     a years ago +572

    Why tf did they stir the poutine?

  • Kimberly Holt

    Kimberly Holt

     a years ago +12

    Have you ever even BEEN to Canada??? No, this is not how you serve poutine. 😑🙄

  • Elaine Zhang

    Elaine Zhang

     11 months ago +11

    get a canadian to do this. please...
    1. do NOT stir the gravy and cheese curds. it gets the fries soggy. plus, gravy and cheese curds are toppings, so if you stir them some are going to be at the bottom.
    2. PLEASE DO NOT BAKE THE POTATOES!!!!!!! they are supposed to be FRIES not BAKES.
    3. the fries/bakes are way to thin. since you already got them soggy with gravy, they are going to break. if the fries are thick, then even if they are soggy, it wont flop around and break
    btw im a canadian so i know what classic canadian poutine look and tastes like.

  • Snow 064

    Snow 064

     4 months ago +7

    When you secretly try to create a video to trigger Canadians:

  • Caffeinated Nation

    Caffeinated Nation

     9 months ago +4

    1:03 Yum! Crispy fries!
    1:05 No...what are you doing?
    1:10 NO! What have you done!??
    1:16 ...
    Oh, you poor Canadians.

  • Josh Adams

    Josh Adams

     a years ago +868

    I'm loving the Canadians pointing out all the mistakes. I came to the comments just to see this.

  • Shirlie TaeBae

    Shirlie TaeBae

     a years ago +24

    Even though i'm not canadian, i know a poutine should not be mixed

  • cookedbyakid


     4 months ago +2

    the beauty of poutine is when drunk canadian college students make it not pro chefs

  • Noel Tijo

    Noel Tijo

     a years ago +5

    Simply Nailogical should try this! also any holosexuals here??

  • Alex Schuman

    Alex Schuman

     a years ago +8

    If this is classic poutine then everything I know about food is a lie.